After Builders Cleaning London

After Builders Cleaning LondonRenovating and upgrading your home is a perfect way to improve your living conditions and increase the market value of the property. Organising and managing the building or renovation process is hard enough as it is, but dealing with the renovation aftermath is even harder. Usually, when the builders are finished, the home owners are left with some serious cleaning to do. In most instances, the entire property requires a top to bottom cleaning which translates to lots of time, effort and tedious cleaning of hard to reach places. After builders or post renovation cleaning means dealing with loads of highly annoying plaster and cement dust. Plaster and cement are widely used throughout any interior or exterior renovation or improvement project, and eventually the dust will settle all over the place.

Plaster and cement dust gets into all the nooks and crannies around the house, it covers surfaces and blocks filters of air conditioners, kitchen aspirators etc. The dust also gets down the kitchen or bathroom drain and decreases its drainage capacity. All in all, the sooner you deal with plaster and cement dust the better, as moisture and humidity in the air usually causes the dust to moisten and solidify which makes the cleaning process even harder. Paint is another major issue when it comes to dealing with after builders and post renovation cleaning. Some paints adhere quite strongly to certain surfaces and materials, and as one can imagine paint splashes and droplets will be inevitable, even if you have contracted the most professional and experienced painters, it is just part of the job.

After Builders Cleaning LondonIn many cases, paint makes its way to the most unexpected of places, just like plaster and cement dust, especially if you had your interior sprayed. One other issue which is part of the after builders cleaning, but many people underestimate is cleaning all wood shavings and saw dust from installation and repair of woodwork and cabinetry. Wood shavings and sawdust are particularly hard to remove from fabrics and fabric finishes. It is absolutely crucial to remove all the sawdust and wood shavings across the house. This is so because wood can become moist from humidity in the air and begin to rot, rotting wood means bad indoor air quality, and possibly an insect problem eventually. This is hardly the best way to enjoy your newly renovated or upgraded home. Home improvement projects and renovations also leave home owners with quite a bit of debris and building leftovers to clean-up, as well as scraps from discarded materials, and these could be quite a nuisance to collect and dispose of.

The best and most efficient way to deal with the situation effectively is to use our professional after builders cleaning service and let us handle the entire property clean-up in an affordable and attentive manner. We know that after builder cleaning requests are large scale and elaborate, this is why we will send you a complete team of specially trained, qualified cleaning technicians, fully equipped and ready for the task at hand. The cleaners will bring along all the necessary equipment and materials required for the job as customers need the best possible results without risk of damage to newly finished surfaces and house features. All of our equipment and materials are professional grade and industry certified. The cleaning teams will visit your residential or commercial property in a suitable time and commence the cleaning session without further delays or time wasting.

downloadThe after builders cleaning is a fully comprehensive service that covers the entire property from top to bottom. Should the need be there our cleaners will focus their effort and attention on customer specified rooms and areas of the house in order to give you top cleaning results right where you need them the most. Generally, the after builders cleaning will cover all parts of the house, of course special attention will be paid to heavy duty rooms like the toilet, the bathroom and the kitchen as these are usually covered in dust and debris. All tiled surfaces will be descaled, cleaned and polished to a mirror finish. Leaving debris like cement, glue, silicone or paint on tiled surfaces for too long will make the removal and cleaning of such stains and blotches hard and unnecessarily time consuming, so act timely and let our cleaners deal with the problem for you.

Our cleaning teams will also collect and dispose of any leftovers materials like scrap wallpapers, bits of plaster, small wooden debris, empty paint drums and buckets, as well as any other discarded materials and leftovers. The cleaners will also concentrate on the thorough vacuuming of the carpets across the house, as those would have collected a fair bit of dust, bacteria and sawdust during the home improvement project. Poor carpet hygiene, along with moisture contained in the carpet is another detrimental factor to indoor air quality. Most of the time walls also suffer greatly during home improvement projects, we can attempt cleaning certain walls which have been finished or coated with the right type of washable paint, but we need to stress that walls will not be included as part of the service unless requested otherwise by our customers as the risk of damage during cleaning is considerable.

Windows are included as part of the after builders cleaning service, as they too collect a lot of dust and debris, not to mention all the paint drops and lacquer spots from finishing woodwork and window frames. Skirting boards usually get pretty messed up during the home improvement and renovations, but cleaning them properly is a bit of a problem as you need to be on all fours, wiping and rubbing away for hours. Our cleaners will expertly do this for you and get your interior woodwork looking clean and neat. The after builders service is available for booking seven days a week with flexible hours. Customers will be provided with free, non-obligation quotes upon request. We don’t use any toxic cleaning materials or supplies.