After Party Cleaning London

After Party Cleaning LondonIf you are planning a party at your place or have a special occasion coming up, then your house must be ready to receive your guests and leave them with the best of impressions. Finding the time and effort to get the house ready for the occasion is not always easy, as there are many other tasks and commitments that get in the way of your pre party cleaning plans. One certain way to have the place ready for the big night is to use our professional pre and after party cleaning service and make sure every inch of your home is clean, sanitised and polished to a mirror finish. Our party cleaning service is a comprehensive, full property treatment that covers the entire house from top to bottom and gives you genuine value for money and outstanding results, no matter how big of a party you threw or how much mess there is to clean-up.

Using our professional grade pre and after party cleaning service means your home will receive the most attentive and efficient cleaning there is, more so – using our professional party cleaning means you get to relax and kick back while we do the work for you, let’s face it – house cleaning is the last thing one would like to deal with after a big house party. Mess and rubbish can be found in all sorts of places after a good party, cleaning the house would take a decent amount of time and using our professional cleaning service will make the job quicker and more effective. A little more about the service itself – as already stated, the party cleaning is a fully comprehensive cleaning service that covers all rooms and areas of the house. Naturally, special attention will be paid to heavy duty rooms like the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom – which see a lot of use and abuse during a good house party.

After Party Cleaning LondonThe cleaning is carried out by specially trained, professional cleaners who have the right qualification and expertise to handle even the most complex or elaborate customer requests in a highly efficient and attentive manner. When you book your party cleaning service with us, we send you a sufficient number of well mannered, neat and uniformed cleaning technicians who will arrive at your property at the requested time and commence their work in an orderly fashion without any further delay or timewasting. Our cleaners have the right set of skills and the required experience to give you top quality results across the house. The cleaning crews are very punctual and highly efficient, all work will be done within the agreed amount of hours, and our cleaners will leave your property as soon as the task has been completed. In terms of what we actually do for you – we do it all.

Our cleaning teams will inspect the property and collect and remove all rubbish and large leftovers from the night before, things like empty cans and bottles, wrappers, food packaging, plastic cups and plates, tissues, etc. will all be diligently collected and disposed of accordingly. Cigarette buds can be found all over the place, especially if your guests had a little bit extra to drink the night before, usually your garden and backyard are the ones that suffer the most so our cleaners will be extra thorough when they collect and dispose of all cigarette buds. All non-disposable utensils and dishes will be collected and washed, just let us know where you keep them and we will put them away, safely and ready for their next use. Once all mess and rubbish has been collected and put in the garbage, our cleaners will empty the bins and go on with the actual cleaning process.

After Party Cleaning LondonWe will vacuum all flooring, in all rooms, we will also clean and vacuum any fabric finish sofas and couches which also participated in the party the night before. All surfaces will be dusted and polished to a perfect finish. Special cleaning attention and effort will be invested in bringing the kitchen and your wet rooms up to scratch. Usually the toilet and the bathroom are a litter worse for wear after a good party, not to mention the state of the kitchen after all the rounds of homemade cocktails. Our cleaners will deal with all the mess and rubbish, clean and sanitise all tiled and non-tiled surfaces and disinfect everything to a perfect finish. All taps, sinks, and additional bathroom or toilet features will be cleaned and polished, shower cabins, mirrors and of course the bathtub will be part of the cleaning. In the kitchen, the cleaning crews will clean and disinfect all surfaces, including those around the food preparation areas, certain appliances will also be part of the clean-up.

The kitchen sink and the microwave usually see the most abuse and experimentation, so our cleaners will be extra thorough when cleaning those. Carpets will also be part of the cleaning process, as they too see a lot of use and abuse during a house party. Should you require specialised carpet cleaning to go with your after party cleaning service, by all means just let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements. On the same note, you can also combine your party cleaning with any other of our top quality, professional cleaning services and receive more value for money and extra coverage.

For customer peace of mind, our cleaners have been vetted and have passed the necessary police and security background checks, if necessary they will present a valid company ID upon arrival to your property. The pre and after party cleaning service is also available for commercial properties and offices, if you threw a big office party or celebrated a successful business deal at your work place, by all means let us deal with the cleaning for you and your office or work place will be spotless in a matter of hours. The party cleaning service is available for booking seven days a week.