After Tenancy Cleaning London

After Tenancy Cleaning LondonPeople living in rental accommodation have certain responsibilities before they can vacate and move out of the rental property. One of their main responsibilities, which is usually regulated and outlined by the lease agreement or the rental contract, is to organise for a professional after tenancy cleaning of the rental property. Organising the after tenancy cleaning is also a precondition to receiving the tenants’ rental deposit back from the landlord or the rental agent. Receiving the rental deposit back in full, is not only based on the after tenancy cleaning but also on the level of damage sustained by the rental property during the lease period. If the place displays damage which cannot be classified as the usual and expected wear and tear, then tenants might not receive their deposit in full. Our professional after tenancy cleaning service will better the chance of receiving the rental deposit back in full, as all cleaning work will be done in accordance to applicable industry standards and will cover all specific requirements set forth by the landlord or the letting agency acting on their behalf.

Naturally, the after tenancy cleaning service is carried out by specially trained professional cleaners who have the necessary skills and relevant experience to yield exceptional results, on even the most elaborate or demanding cleaning requests. Our cleaners have undergone additional training in order to be extra efficient and attentive when dealing with such high responsibility service requests like after tenancy cleaning. Our crews will visit the property at a suitable time and commence the cleaning session without any additional time wasting. Our cleaning teams will arrive in an orderly fashion and fully equipped for the task at hand. In order to give customers and landlords the best possible results with no risk of damage to delicate surfaces or materials, our cleaning technicians will use their own cleaning materials and supplies.

After Tenancy Cleaning LondonAll of our work is done using professional grade equipment and materials, approved by the cleaning industry. We like to think of ourselves as a green business which is looking to reduce the environmental toll of our work, because of this we work with natural formula cleaning materials and supplies. We don’t use any toxic chemicals or harmful cleaning substances during any of our cleaning sessions, as the health and wellbeing of our customers, their families and their pet animals are too important to neglect. The cleaning materials we use will evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue, shortly after the cleaning has been completed. All surfaces, house features and furniture will be ready to use immediately after the cleaning appointment. Our professional after tenancy cleaning service is a fully comprehensive property treatment that is designed to cover the entire house from top to bottom.

Most of the time, landlords or letting agencies acting on their behalf, have certain additional requirements in relation to the after tenancy cleaning. Usually, these additional requirements are compiled in what’s commonly called a cleaning checklist. The cleaning checklist serves as the instruction sheet for any additional requirements to be met by the cleaning crews. Obviously, our cleaners have the necessary skills and expertise to follow and complete the cleaning checklist with no additional hassles or delays. Apart from the specifics of the landlord cleaning checklist, the cleaners will follow their standard cleaning procedure and begin cleaning and sanitising the property. As already mentioned, this is a fully comprehensive property clean-up which covers all rooms, including bedrooms, lounge or living room, wet rooms, kitchen, hallways, powder rooms, closets, etc.

After Tenancy Cleaning LondonShould the need be there, our cleaners will focus their attention and effort on certain problematic areas or rooms as per our customer’s requirements. In some more detail, the after tenancy cleaning service includes full cleaning and polishing of surfaces across the house, such as furniture, bench tops, etc. Woodwork like door frames, cabinetry, cupboards, wardrobes and any other wooden items will be dusted and polished using the right cleaning products which yield top results without risk of damage. Dirty windows are usually a tell-tale sign of cleaning neglect and our cleaning crews will pay the necessary attention to make them transparent again. Flooring and carpeting is also another part of the interior which easily becomes worn and dirty with daily use.

We will thoroughly vacuum all flooring surfaces across the house, tile flooring will be polished to a professional standard finish. Hardwood floors will be treated with the necessary attention and care, we have the right cleaning materials and products to clean hardwood floors effectively and without risk of damage or alteration to hue and surface layering. As imagined, special care and additional effort will be invested in cleaning wet rooms like the toilet and the bathroom – these usually need lots of cleaning so entrust their perfect hygiene to our cleaners. All tiled surfaces will be descaled, sanitised and polished. Features like taps, sinks, bathtubs, shower cabs, the toilet itself, and any other features will be disinfected using professional grade disinfectants and polished for a perfect finish. As we use nontoxic cleaning materials, the wet rooms will be ready to use straight away.

The kitchen is another room where extra cleaning effort is required. Our cleaning teams will clean and sanitise all tiled and non-tiled surfaces such as tables, food preparation areas, bench tops, sinks, taps, etc. Any additional kitchen features such as cabinetry, seating etc. will also be included in the cleaning. If the rental property is fitted with kitchen appliances, our cleaners can optionally clean those for you as well. If required, appliances which see heavy duty use on daily basis such as the fridge, the stove, the microwave, the toaster, etc. will also be part of the clean-up as they need to be perfectly sanitised for the final landlord inspection. We can offer our customers good short notice availability and flexible appointment hours. The after tenancy cleaning service is available for booking seven days a week including public holidays. Moderate service costs, free quotes and top results come as standard.