Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning LondonRegular and effective carpet cleaning is the only proven way to keep carpets throughout the house clean, fresh and free of any dust and bacteria for longer. Carpets fitted around the house see a lot of heavy duty, daily use and receive a generous amount of dust, pollen and bacteria. The situation with carpets fitted in high traffic areas like the hallway or around the front door is even more acute and such areas will require extra cleaning effort. It doesn’t take long for the carpets to start looking rather tired and dirty, especially light coloured carpets. If you organise and perform regular and timely carpet cleaning, you will effectively prolong the lifespan of your carpets and keep their good looks for longer. Professional carpet cleaning will always be the more affordable alternative to changing the carpet so consider it with priority.

Our professional carpet cleaning service is suitable for both natural fibre and synthetic carpets. The two types have different characteristics and stain resistant properties thus they require a slightly different cleaning treatment. The carpet cleaning service is carried out by specially trained and qualified, professional carpet technicians who have the necessary experience and practical skills to yield top quality results without risk of damage to the carpet’s fibres, their structure or integrity. In order to be highly effective and actually give you results you can see and feel, our cleaners will apply the most efficient yet sparing cleaning systems and materials – this gives better cleaning results and minimised resource and material waste.

Carpet Cleaning LondonOur equipment is professional grade, and our cleaners are exceptionally trained in its use and application. Having top range cleaning equipment and knowing how to use it properly means we can clean deep inside the carpet where most of the dirt and grime is. Everyday footsteps on the carpet actually drive the dirt and bacteria further down toward the base of the carpet, and conventional cleaning will be rendered useless. We strongly urge customers not to attempt any conventional cleaning on the carpet as this is a tedious and time consuming task which will likely waste your time and resources without giving you the necessary results, even worse cause discolouration or alteration of the fibre structure of the carpet. Many people would be asking why they need to clean their carpets professionally, and if so, how often should this be done?

Carpet specialists and cleaning industry experts advise and recommend that professional carpet cleaning should be done at least once every six months. If you think this is too often, consider the amount of dust, pollen and bacteria stuck inside your carpet. In time this might become a problem for individuals with respiratory conditions living at the property, as the indoor air quality will become poorer and poorer with the accumulation of more dust and bacteria, this is a problem especially in bedrooms. Should you choose us to handle your carpet cleaning requirements, we will do so with professionalism, attention and punctuality just as required. Our cleaning crews will arrive at your property at the designated time and commence the cleaning session without further ado. They will begin by assessing the type of carpet you have and the level and nature of the staining it has sustained.

Carpet Cleaning LondonPlease be advised that certain types of mechanical damage or excess wear and tear will not be reversed by professional cleaning. Once the level and type of staining or soiling has been determined our cleaners will decide upon the most appropriate way to clean your carpets. In most cases this means steam carpet cleaning as this is the most effective and sparing way to kill off bacteria and lift off any stubborn stains from deep inside the carpet. The cleaning process is perfectly safe and toxin free as it uses nothing but the natural cleaning power of steam i.e. hot water. Steam carpet cleaning is also the recommended way to clean carpets which have been neglected for long periods of time, as the process of injecting and extracting hot steam deep inside the carpet kills off bacteria and their eggs, which means no further outbreak or presence of pathogens or allergens, at least for the time being.

The steam cleaning process is also known as hot water extraction and is perfectly suitable for both synthetic and natural fibre carpets. This is also the most effective way to deal with heavily soiled carpets. In some instances, where the carpets are displaying stubborn chemical or organic stains, which cannot be removed through the application of a single cleaning method, our cleaners might suggest using a combination of steam and dry carpet cleaning for better and quicker results. The carpet cleaning service can be ordered as a standalone or in combination with another of our cleaning services for extra value for money and better coverage. Usually customers request carpet cleaning to be combined with other similar services like upholstery or mattress cleaning as those are carried out using similar equipment and can be completed on the same day.

Carpet Cleaning LondonThe carpet cleaning will take place in a suitable for you time, we will send you the right number of cleaning technicians in order to complete the job within the agreed amount of hours and be out of your way as soon as possible. All the required equipment and materials will be brought by the cleaning crews. Be advised that carpet cleaning whether dry or steam, is a technical process which takes a certain amount of time to yield the best possible results without risk of damage, we would appreciate your patience and consideration. None of the cleaning systems or materials we use are harmful to humans or animals, and contain no toxic substances. Our cleaning crews can optionally complete the treatment with the application of a quick dry system. In most cases the carpets should be dry enough to walk on after two or three hours, though this depends on the relative humidity and ambient temperature of the room and the house altogether.