Commercial Cleaning London

Commercial Cleaning LondonOur professional commercial cleaning is the ideal way to keep your workplace clean, fresh and always ready for business. Commercial cleaning is a specific service which takes a lot of skill, practice and expertise. A professional commercial cleaning service should not only give you top quality results at moderate costs, but it should also be convenient and work around your schedule and availability. We have made sure our business customers have seven day a week access to the best commercial cleaning around. The service is quite versatile and will be suitable for a range of different businesses and commercial establishments, including eateries. When business customers come to us, they will have their commercial cleaning requirements dealt with in the most professional and highly efficient manner.

Customers will also receive punctual servicing, attentive cleaning and no extra hassles or fuss. As always, the cleaning work is carried out by specially qualified cleaning technicians who have the necessary skills and expertise to swiftly handle even the most elaborate or complex commercial clean ups. A good commercial cleaning service should also be flexible and convenient for our customers, this is why we have good short notice availability and will be able to accommodate your service request. We also understand and appreciate that many commercial establishments and businesses cannot just shut down for the day in order to have the office cleaned, this is why we provide our commercial customers with flexible or extended booking hours. Should the need be there, our cleaners can visit your commercial property before or after working hours in order to minimise disruption to your daily schedule and conducting of business.

Commercial Cleaning LondonA few words about our cleaning teams – the cleaners we work with are specially qualified professionals, who have undergone additional training in specialised commercial cleaning. Depending on the size and complexity of your cleaning request, and how quickly you need it done, we will send you a sufficient number of neat, uniformed and well-mannered cleaners who will arrive at the property in an orderly fashion and at the right time. The cleaners will bring along all the necessary equipment and materials required for the job. We rather use our own cleaning supplies, as we use professional grade cleaning products which yield better results in less time. As already mentioned, the commercial cleaning is a fully comprehensive cleaning service which covers all areas of the commercial property.

Our cleaners will quickly determine what needs to be done first and which areas require more cleaning effort and attention. If required, the cleaners will focus their effort on customer specified areas or rooms of the property and give you top level results right where you need them most. The cleaning service will cover all wet rooms on the property. Tiled surfaces and fixtures in the bathroom and the toilet will be descaled, disinfected and polished to a mirror finish. Most establishment owners know how important it is for customers and staff to have access to perfectly clean sanitary facilities, and our cleaning teams will make sure to have those clean and fresh in the shortest time possible.

Commercial Cleaning LondonAgain, the commercial cleaning is a full property treatment and as such covers all flooring, furniture and features around the establishment, and any applicable office areas. All doors frames and doors will be dusted and cleaned, office furniture like chairs and desks will also be wiped clean of any dust and debris and then cleaned. The flooring is usually one of the more problematic aspects of commercial cleaning but our cleaning teams will spare no effort and give the floor a thorough vacuuming, followed by mopping and polishing of any tiled flooring areas. Any additional hallways, service rooms, and storage areas will also be part of the cleaning session, if there are any special cleaning requirements for specific parts of zones of the property, please notify our cleaners upon arrival.

There are many different types of commercial establishments out there, and they all have unique cleaning requirements, our commercial cleaning service can be customised to suit specific needs. Should the need be there we can also organise and carry out a combination of cleaning services to be done on the same day or in fixed consecutive order. For example, many establishment owners combine the standard commercial cleaning with commercial kitchen cleaning or specialised floor cleaning – this is a great way to receive more value for money and have your workplace fully cleaned, to a professional standard finish, and only in a matter of hours.

Commercial Cleaning LondonIn terms of quality of work and results and materials we use, our cleaners are trained in the safe and efficient use of the latest and most effective cleaning systems available right now. The guys are trained to work with a minimum water and resource waste policy which translates to fewer service costs incurred by our customers. We don’t use or apply any toxic chemicals or harsh cleaning materials during any of our cleaning appointments as the health and wellbeing of our customers and their staff and clientele are too important to neglect. The commercial cleaning service is available for booking seven days a week with flexible hours. We will do our best to accommodate overnight cleaning requests and visit your commercial estate as soon as possible.

We understand that running a business is tricky balancing act and many times there are delays, cancellations or reschedules, we would like you to notify us of any changes to your availability as soon as possible, or at least two days prior to the actual service. Any specific cleaning requirements or additional cleaning requests which you want to be included in the service must be clarified upon making the booking. Free, no obligation quotes can be requested from our specially trained customer consultants. They will also help you determine and organise the right type of service for your commercial property. A well-kept, properly cleaned office or work place shows respect for your customers, your staff and speaks well of you as business owner.