Commercial Kitchen Cleaning London

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning LondonProfessional commercial cleaning is one of our specialised cleaning services. We consider this to be a specialised, high responsibility cleaning procedure because many times a perfectly cleaned, and disinfected kitchen is more than just a necessity for establishments but also a law imposed requirement. Failing to comply with the health and safety regulations and standards applicable for your particular line of work might result in hefty fines, to say the least. We strongly urge customers not to risk their business but let us handle the list of commercial kitchen cleaning requirements in a safe, highly efficient and punctual manner, without any additional fuss or hassles.

Commercial kitchen cleaning is a specific process which requires good understanding of cleaning procedures altogether and also which kitchen areas and features require more cleaning effort and attention. Naturally, our cleaning crews have undergone the required additional training in order to be extra efficient and highly effective during even the most complex or tough commercial kitchen clean ups. Most of the time, business owners or managers cannot just shut down for the in order to have the kitchen cleaned, as this would mean tons of lost profits. Naturally, we have accounted for that and will provide our commercial customers with extended or flexible appointment hours which suit their daily schedule. Our cleaning teams can visit you before or after business hours and get the job done without any disruption to your daily dealings, and without a single customer of yours knowing about it.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning LondonA nicely cleaned and sanitised kitchen will also be a pleasant surprise for your staff. Who knows it might even boost morale and increase productivity, it is amazing what a clean work place can do sometimes. Our cleaning specialists will visit your commercial establishment at the right time and quickly determine how and where to begin with the cleaning. The commercial kitchen is a place which houses many appliances and has multiple surfaces and features which will need proper, detailed cleaning. Our teams will start working top down and clean and polish any wall mounted features, door frames, doors, windows, etc. The guys will also dust, wipe and clean any cabinetry, cupboards or other wall mounted storage compartments.

Next down will be food preparation surfaces like bench tops, tables, and any other surfaces or features used for preparing of dishes. Special cleaning attention will be paid to stainless steel surfaces like sinks, basins, tubs, etc. Tiled food preparation surfaces will also be cleaned, disinfected and polished to a mirror finish. No effort will be spared when cleaning and polishing taps and other kitchen features like fixed chopping boards, ben Maries, etc. Of course, special cleaning attention will be paid to all the appliances in the commercial kitchen which see a lot of heavy duty use on a daily basis. Our cleaners are specially trained to clean and deal with problematic kitchen appliances like deep fryers which are notorious for collecting grease and residue, also stoves and cooktops.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning LondonHot plates will be degreased and cleaned using special solvents and polishing pastes or compounds which yield outstanding results without damaging any protective coatings or delicate metal finishes of the appliance. Toasters, sandwich makers, and any other similar equipment will also be degreased and cleaned using professional grade materials in order to ensure no germs or bacteria on any part of the appliance. The fridge and the freezer are another two, well known hygiene violators in the kitchen. As such, they will be subjected to detailed cleaning by our teams, the appliances will be cleaned inside and out and disinfected as they too are considered food storage facilities, although cooled. Industrial grade microwaves and large ovens will definitely take more time and effort to yield good results, so we appreciate our customers’ patience and consideration, as our cleaners want to their best.

Food storage areas around the kitchen will also be cleaned as such facilities have to be clean and sanitised at all times, this is absolutely vital and our cleaners know this. The only thing we ask of customers or owners is to remove any food stuffs and supplies from such areas or facilities for the time being, as our cleaners need full access in order to get the job done properly. The commercial kitchen flooring is another notorious part of the kitchen which takes a ton of effort to clean and keep clean. Not a problem for our cleaners though, we have the materials and expertise to descale and disinfect any tiled flooring surfaces and polish them to a professional standard finish.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning LondonMany commercial kitchens are fitted with composite flooring surfaces for better grip and hygiene, these are no trouble for our cleaners either. We have the required cleaning materials and products to clean and sanitise such surfaces with ease. Should the need be there, our customers can also include additional features or areas as part of the commercial kitchen cleaning, if this is the case, please speak to our consultants and clarify this at the time of requesting your service. This will help us organise the cleaning session and bring along the necessary equipment and materials. The commercial kitchen cleaning is available to all establishments, seven days a week with flexible or extended booking hours.

For large scale service requests we would need a sufficient prior notice. On the same note, we must be notified of any cancellations and reschedules at least two days prior to the initial date in order to rearrange our work schedule. Free quotes can be requested by all customers, quotes are individually prepared and reflective of the task at hand, this keeps our price offers fair and competitive, which is good news for our customers. Remember, a clean and fresh commercial kitchen is more than just a necessity, it is law imposed requirements so don’t risk your business’ good name and let us deal with the situation effectively and without costing you a small fortune. Our diligent and attentive cleaning work will give you the right results.