Construction Cleaning London

Construction Cleaning LondonNewly constructed homes and commercial estates, as well as recently renovated or remodelled properties require specialised professional cleaning. This is due to the specific or even hazardous nature of the debris, rubbish and leftovers which need to be removed and disposed of properly. Our professional construction cleaning service is exactly what our customers need. The construction cleaning is quite versatile and highly effective. We can organise and carry out all the necessary cleaning procedures in a well-structured, attentive manner and make sure we cover all customer requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The service can be ordered for newly built or recently remodelled flats, town houses, apartments, units, residential properties as well as commercial establishments and special purpose facilities like data centres and others. Depending on the particular type of building project and the scale and nature of the required cleaning we will devise and implement a specially prepared cleaning plan in order to cover all aspects of the cleaning request in a highly efficient manner and within the shortest time possible, without any risk of damage or additional hassles and delays. We can also organise and carry out specialised cleaning sessions for controlled environments in accordance to all industry regulations and health and safety standards.

Construction Cleaning LondonNaturally, our cleaners will diligently follow their standard cleaning procedures throughout the whole cleaning process, but should the need be there the cleaners can also work under customer provided instructions outlining which areas or parts of the site should receive additional or specialised cleaning. As mentioned, the actual cleaning process depends on the type of property and its purpose, as well as the sheer scale and nature of the rubbish and leftovers to be cleaned. Certain sites like newly built medical or dental facilities, newly renovated or built commercial kitchens as well as other specialised facilities like data or clean rooms will be subjected to extensive and detailed cleaning using professional grade cleaning materials and products which yield outstanding results and evaporate and dissolve without a trace or residue, shortly after the cleaning session has been completed.

Residential construction sites will also be put through the same rigorous cleaning procedure in order to ensure the interior of the place is ready for further improvements and completion. We can implement a number of different cleaning systems as per the nature of the job at hand. This means we have the necessary cleaning materials and equipment according to what needs to be done. When it comes to residential construction sites we are especially careful with the products we use as we look out for the health and wellbeing of our customers, even if the property is not occupied just yet. All of our cleaning supplies are highly effective yet sparing and environmentally friendly. We work with a minimum water and resource waste policy and don’t use any toxic chemicals or harmful cleaning substance in the course of our cleaning work.

Construction Cleaning LondonIn order to cancel out the risk of damage to newly finished surfaces and materials, and optimise our services, we work with specially qualified, professional cleaning technicians who have the necessary skills and expertise to handle even the most elaborate construction cleaning requests with ease. The cleaning teams will arrive at the site fully equipped and ready for the task at hand. The number of cleaners we send you depends on the scale and complexity of your cleaning request and how soon you need it done. The construction cleaning service is a comprehensive property treatment that covers all areas of the site, obviously the level of cleaning detail depends on the completion stage of the construction project.

Dust and debris are the main issues when it comes to construction or after builders cleaning, particularly plaster and cement dust. Although these aren’t harmful or toxic construction materials, they need to be removed effectively from the air and all surfaces and features of the interior. Once all dust particles are cleaned, indoor air quality will be greatly improved. Our cleaning teams will use industrial grade vacuum cleaners with the right filtration system and capacity to remove all plaster and cement dust from anywhere on the site. Logically, the cleaning process begins from the top down.

Construction Cleaning LondonDust and debris will be removed from ceilings, walls, fixtures and flooring. The floor is usually a feature which is particularly hard to clean, not a problem for us though, we have the right equipment, materials and skills to clean and remove staining and debris from all flooring surfaces either natural or manmade. Floors will also be polished using special buffering machines and the right type of polishing compound. Another major issue is paint droplets, which end up all over the place, especially in larger rooms or parts of the property which have been spray-painted using compressors. Our cleaning crews will deal with the nuisance for you and clean all the drops, spots and splashes from windows, doors, woodwork, interior framework, walls, furniture and features, light fixtures, flooring and anywhere else necessary.

Stainless steel and metal finish surfaces will be cleaned with extra care and attention, then polished to a professional standard finish. Newly installed appliances in renovated or recently constructed commercial kitchens can be included as part of the cleaning service as immaculate kitchen and appliance hygiene is a law imposed requirement for many establishments. Our professional construction cleaning service is adequately priced and gives customers genuine value for money and great coverage.

Service quotes are free and non-obligatory, the price offers are prepared individually, by specially trained customer consultants who will estimate correctly and provide you with a fair, reflective quote, that won’t be easily beaten. We can provide customers with week round service coverage and flexible appointment hours that don’t get in the way of busy schedules and other commitments. We have good short notice availability and will be able to accommodate overnight service requests. If your service request is particularly extensive or of specific nature, please let us know so that we can make the necessary arrangements.