Curtain Cleaning London

Curtain Cleaning LondonProfessional curtain cleaning is one of our specialised services. Curtain cleaning in itself is not too laborious or overly complex to deal with, but anyone who has attempted to wash or clean their curtains using conventional methods and techniques knows how hard it is to get the right results without causing damage to the delicate materials and fabrics of which curtains are usually made. Even the most advanced washing machines and the right washing products will likely cause irreversible damage to the curtains such as fading, discolouration along stitch lines, shrinkage or even tearing. If you have specific curtain cleaning requirements, we strongly recommend refraining from the application and use of conventional cleaning methods, as well as homemade cleaning techniques as the cost of new curtains is more than what you would have paid for professional cleaning services.

Our professional curtain cleaning service is the safe, highly efficient and cost effective alternative which guarantees you top quality results and no risk of damage. Before going any further, please be advised that permanent sunlight damage cannot be reversed or treated even by professional cleaning methods. When you order your professional curtain cleaning through us you get a number of benefits besides the reasonable costs, these are outstanding technical expertise, sufficient prior experience and attentiveness on behalf of our cleaning teams. Our cleaning specialists will visit your property at the requested time and commence the cleaning process in a diligent, organised manner without any further delays.

Curtain Cleaning LondonThe cleaning process itself begins with a detailed assessment of the staining, soling or damage the curtains have sustained. Once the cleaning crews have determined the type of fabric or material of which the curtains are made, and the particular type of soiling or staining, they will decide upon the most appropriate yet sparing way to clean the curtains in order to yield the best possible results without causing damage. There are a number of different cleaning treatments or cleaning systems used by professional cleaners. Generally, the two methods used to clean curtains professionally are commonly known as dry curtain cleaning and steam curtain cleaning, each of them is used in according to the particular circumstance and situation.

If the cleaners have decided to subject your curtains to steam cleaning the process will begin by the application of special chemical solvent throughout the curtain fabric. Although the term chemical solvent sounds pretty bad, the substances we use are non-toxic and will not harm any humans or pets living at the property as they will evaporate and dissolve without a trace or residue. The chemical solvent is applied under pressure in order to penetrate the curtain fabric or material properly and yield the necessary cleaning results. The chemical solvent is fast acting and won’t take long to do its job. The solvent is also heated to a pre-set temperature in order to be even more effective and lift even the most stubborn of stains.

Curtain Cleaning LondonOnce the solvent has done its job, the substance is then extracted out the other side of the curtain fabric using powerful vacuums. This ensures the cleaning compound has penetrated the entire depth of the fabric or material and has cleaned uniformly across the curtain. The process is completed by the application of steam through special machines, this ensures no traces of the cleaning compound are left, and at the same time removes any leftover dirt, dust and bacteria from the curtain. The steam cleaning process actually dries the curtains as it cleans, which means your fresh, immaculately clean curtains will be free of any creases and ready to use.

We also have a professional cleaning method reserved for heavily soiled curtains or curtains which have sustained certain chemical or organic staining which is particularly hard to remove, especially when dry. The same method is used for really delicate curtains made of sensitive and demanding materials and fabrics. If you have such heavy staining on your delicate curtains, don’t try and remove the stain using conventional methods as this will likely drive the stain further down the fabric and make cleaning it properly almost impossible, not to mention there is a chance of damaging the curtain or its fabric properties in the process. We can provide you with the safer, better cleaning alternative and deal with those stubborn stains for you without causing damage to the sensitive curtain fabrics. The method we use is commonly called dry curtain cleaning. This is also known as restorative curtain cleaning and uses very little water due to the sensitive nature of the materials being cleaned.

Curtain Cleaning LondonThe cleaning is done by the application of specially formulated cleaning compounds, meant to remove heavy staining or soiling without altering or damaging the curtain fabric or any of its material properties. Special machines are used to inject the cleaning compound across the curtain fabric, much like the way steam cleaning works. In this case, it is the chemical properties of the active ingredients which do all the work, again this sounds rather chemical and toxic, but it isn’t – any trace or residue of the cleaning materials will be removed at the end of the cleaning process by the cleaners. The dry cleaning process is completed by the extraction of the compound along with any dirt and grime lifted off the curtain.

Obviously, curtain cleaning is a highly technical procedure, and as such it is carried out by specially trained, qualified professionals who know how to use their equipment safely and effectively, without risk of damage or personal injury. The cleaners will arrive at your property at the specified time, fully equipped and ready to go. Customers can combine the curtain cleaning with another one of our top quality services like carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning, this gives you great value for money and better coverage. The curtain cleaning service is available to customers seven days a week, including public holidays. In terms of pricing, we believe the service moderately priced and accessible by most households. Free quotes will be provided.