Domestic Cleaning London

Domestic Cleaning LondonProfessional domestic cleaning is one of our chief services and we have invested a lot of time, effort and resources in perfecting our craft. Why are we so determined and serious about our range of domestic cleaning services? The answer is quite simple – good quality domestic cleaning help is hard to come by and quite expensive most of the time. We wanted to change this and have developed a wide range of top quality domestic cleaning services able to cover even the most explicit cleaning requirements in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. One other department where many companies can use with improvement is punctuality and service coverage.

There have numerous instances where customers have requested a particular cleaning service only to find out that what they paid for is not what they need. On the same note punctuality and diligence are also in shortage with many cleaning companies out there. Cleaners being late or not showing up at all, does happen sometimes, but for us as a professional service provider, this would be totally unacceptable. We guarantee our customers timely arrival of our cleaning teams, punctual down to work attitude and highly efficient work practices, regardless of the size or complexity of the cleaning request. Being highly effective on all domestic cleaning jobs means applying the right cleaning methods, and using the required products and equipment in order to yield best possible results without risk of damage, and of course working with the right people.

Domestic Cleaning LondonAlthough this sounds easier said than done, we have taken the time and effort to single-handedly pick and train the most dedicated and highly skilled cleaning experts we could find. Our cleaning crews have extensive industry knowledge and sufficient prior experience, they are trained in the safe and efficient use of the latest cleaning systems and materials available right now as innovation and professionalism are essential to us and our customers. Our cleaners are constantly upgrading their practical skills and expertise in order to minimise service costs and resource waste but yield the same outstanding results every time. Most people tend to generalise the term domestic cleaning, and usually expect a little more than what is at offer. We took note of this and made sure to encompass all types of domestic cleaning services and provide each and every one of our customers with the right type of service at the right price.

Our comprehensive list of domestic cleaning services covers anything from simple one off clean ups, to complete property treatments and all in between. If customers don’t seem to find the type of service they require, or perhaps they have odd or specific cleaning requirements, we will be able to organise a custom tailored cleaning solution that fits the allocated budget and the particular customer requirements, without any additional costs or hassles. Our idea of an extensive range of cleaning services is to provide customers with an individual cleaning solution that gives the right results and serves an actual purpose. Another company policy which we are very serious about is reducing the environmental toll of our work and minimising the excess waste of resources and fresh water. For this reason we train our cleaners to be extra efficient on all domestic jobs and reduce water and resource waste to a minimum.

Domestic Cleaning LondonProviding domestic cleaning services means we work directly with people, therefore the use and application of toxic or harmful chemicals and cleaning substances is totally unacceptable. All of our domestic cleaning work is done using natural formula cleaning products and materials which pose no health risk to humans, and don’t pollute the environment. In terms of actual domestic services we organise and provide – customers can choose from a large number of standard and customisable service formats, flexible and versatile enough to meet and exceed your expectations. We can handle fully comprehensive property clean ups like spring cleaning or deep cleaning of the entire property. We also work closely with rental customers and letting agencies as we provide arguably the best and most affordable end of tenancy cleaning around.

We also provide top notch, one off cleaning for specific rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom, or perhaps a complete one off for the entire property. We don’t limit our customers to conventional domestic cleaning only, but we also specialise and provide technical cleaning services like professional steam cleaning for carpets, mattresses, curtains and upholsteries. Some other of our specialised domestic services include hard floor cleaning, patio cleaning, jet washing of solid exterior surfaces. All these are carried out by specially trained cleaning technicians who are highly skilled in the safe and efficient use of pressure washing equipment otherwise known as jet washing.

Domestic Cleaning LondonWe can also organise fixed schedule cleaning for your home on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your personal requirements. We send you the same cleaner every time unless otherwise instructed as this increases efficiency and reduces the cleaning duration. Our domestic services can be combined with other specific cleaning in order to receive more coverage and real value for money. We can schedule multiple domestic services for the same property, to be carried out consecutively or in a customer specified order and schedule. Our domestic services cover even more specific purposes and requirements like actual kitchen appliance cleaning for when the oven has gone rogue or the fridge smells just too bad.

Our specialised oven cleaning is another top quality domestic service which should prove to be invaluable with its moderate costs and consistently good results. We aim to make our domestic service range both affordable and convenient, this is why we work with flexible appointment hours which wrap around your schedule and availability. We work on weekends and public holidays, at no extra cost naturally, as these are the days when people have more spare time to receive our cleaners. We have tried to keep up our short notice availability and will do our best to accommodate all customer requests, including the overnight ones.