Driveway Cleaning London

Driveway Cleaning LondonBoth residential and commercial properties are usually constructed with a functional driveway which allows for vehicle and machinery access to and from the property in question. This brief and basic description of this invaluable and functional property feature goes to show how hard working the driveway really is. The heavy duty, daily use of the driveway will eventually take its toll and the driveway itself will start looking a little worse for wear with each day. Before going any further, we would like to clarify and allow for customers to make a difference between mechanical or structural driveway damage and superficial or chemical damage which can actually be treated using professional driveway cleaning. If your drive way has suffered structural or mechanical damage through pressure, water or anything else you need to get in touch with qualified builders and have them deal with the situation properly, we will stick to cleaning as this is what we are good at.

Driveways are made of different materials. Most of the time driveways are concrete, others are paved using stones of different size and type. These days you can also come across certain composite or synthetic material driveways which offer more durability and stain resistance, for longer periods of time. Regardless of how expensive or technically advanced a driveway is, nothing last forever and the need for professional cleaning will surface eventually. So what causes damage to the drive, and what kind of damage is that? The most obvious cause of driveway damage and superficial deterioration is the weather. Even the most durable and tough materials have no chance against the elements. Harsh sunrays and blistering hot temperatures during summer will put your driveway through its paces.

Driveway Cleaning LondonSub zero temperatures, ice, howling wind and ice water getting into all the nooks and crannies will also be a serious problem, initially it will be superficial but in time water and ice can make its way further inside the driveway and cause a structural problem in the end. Usually rain water and moisture in the air will also affect the driveway after a while. Most of the time, the driveway will display sunlight damage in the form of fading, discolouration or superficial cracking. The superficial cracking though is likely to have been caused by ice and icy water which runs along the driveway surface and makes its way into all the crevices and gaps. Once the water freezes trouble begins.

Damage caused by rainwater and moisture in the air usually translates to moulding, fading and growth of other fungal organisms on the top layer of the driveway. Another major cause of driveway damage is chemicals from vehicles being driven and parked onto the driveway. During winter for example, vehicles’ tires and undercarriage will bring and spill a lot of snow melting chemicals or salinized water from the road, this means chemical damage to the driveway surface. Other vehicle related damage is to do with oil spills, coolant drips, and any other chemicals leaking from the undercarriage of the vehicle. Motor oil is notoriously hard to remove, especially worked-off oil, it goes all over the place and leaves black, oily smears.

Driveway Cleaning LondonMost other types of vehicle and household chemicals will also cause surface damage and staining to the driveway. The overall idea is to deal with such issues timely and properly as the driveway is a befitting part of your residential or commercial property and should be treated as such. The sooner you deal with chemical and organic staining of the driveway the easier and cheaper it will be. This is especially important if you are in the process of selling the property, particularly if you have buyer viewings coming up. Conventional driveway cleaning is highly ineffective, extremely laborious and very time consuming. You can attempt to clean the driveway on your own, but most of the time this means scrubbing stains for hours on end, on all fours – definitely not a good way to spend your hard earned weekend.

Instead, we can offer you our professional and highly effective driveway cleaning service as the sensible, cost effective alternative which gives you top results regardless of the current state or the driveway material. The driveway cleaning service will be performed using industry grade pressure washers otherwise known as jet wash. The equipment uses either heated or cold water, injected through a high pressure nozzle right onto the driveway surface. The mechanical and solvent power of natural water, sprayed under high pressure will blast away any dirt, mould, staining or residue from the driveway. The process is technically similar to sandblasting, yet much more sparing.

Driveway Cleaning LondonOur cleaning technicians are specially trained and qualified in the safe and efficient use of their jet wash equipment. Sufficient prior training means no risk of damage or personal injury, but only top quality results on all types of driveways. The cleaning process should restore most of your driveway’s original colour, certain changes in surface texture caused by ice or other types of mechanical damage will not be cured by the pressure washing process, please keep that in mind. Performing a professional driveway cleaning session annually will ensure your driveway is looking clean and feeling good for longer. An annual pressure washing of the driveway will deal with weather issues like fading through fungal growth, or discolouration through exposure to rain and water.

Chemical staining from motor and household substances will also be removed effectively and with relative ease. In certain cases, where the driveway has sustained extensive mechanical or structural damage, pressure washing might only make matters worse. If you are unsure if the driveway is in good nick and able to withstand the pressure washers, then it may be a good idea to let our cleaning technicians conduct a preliminary job viewing and assess the situation. The driveway cleaning is available for booking seven days a week, including public holidays. Certain cleaning appointments might be rescheduled if outside temperatures plunge way below zero. Free quotes are provided to all customers.