Dry Carpet Cleaning London

Dry Carpet Cleaning LondonProfessional carpet cleaning is the only proven and effective way to keep carpets across the house clean, fresh and free of bacteria and allergens. Specialised professional carpet cleaning is the better, more efficient alternative to any other conventional carpet cleaning method simply because it yields better results, takes less time and effort, and doesn’t cause any damage or alteration to carpet fibres and their properties. One can always attempt to clean carpets using conventional cleaning methods but chances are this will only waste precious time and resources, and won’t deliver the necessary results. Carpet cleaning specialists and cleaning industry experts advise that carpets fitted throughout the house must be subjected to professional cleaning at least once every six months.

Even if your carpets don’t look too dirty or worn, you should still organise a specialised cleaning session, but why so? Carpets around the house see a lot of heavy duty daily use, especially in high traffic areas around the front door, the bathroom and the hallway. In time, dust, pollen, dirt, bacteria and fungal spores will accumulate on the top layer of the carpet, constant foot traffic will eventually rub all the dirt and grime deep inside the carpet fibres all the way down to the carpet base. Now you can understand why conventional carpet cleaning methods will prove to be ineffective, as usually such cleaning attempts only have effect on the top layer of the carpet but do nothing to deal with the mess down below.

Dry Carpet Cleaning LondonThe most widely used professional carpet cleaning method is known as steam carpet cleaning and happens to be highly effective and risk free. One of the main downsides of steam carpet cleaning is the prolonged drying time of the carpets, after all steam is heated water vapour. The actual drying time of the carpets usually depends on the ambient temperature of the room and the relative humidity inside the house. A recently developed cleaning method which is non-aggressive and perfectly suitable for both synthetic and natural carpets is dry carpet cleaning. The idea behind dry carpet cleaning is to optimise the usual steam cleaning process and cut down the drying time of the carpets without compromise on quality or risk of damage. Dry carpet cleaning is also known as chemical cleaning or VLM cleaning, where VLM stands for very low moisture.

Dry carpet cleaning is guaranteed to make your carpets more pleasant to the eye – in other words the method is restorative and refreshes colours and texture of the carpet fibres. It is also guaranteed to make your carpets healthier – allergens and pathogens like dust, mites, bacteria, funguses, etc. and their spores and eggs will be completely eradicated by the dry cleaning. This is excellent news for people with respiratory conditions. Dry carpet cleaning will also prolong the life of your carpets as it doesn’t cause any mechanical damage or alteration of carpet integrity or fibres. From a professional point of view, the dry carpet cleaning is more effective and easier to perform as it requires less personnel training, it saves customers time and money, and also prevents a certain amount of re-soiling.

Dry Carpet Cleaning LondonSo how is the actual dry cleaning process carried out? The dry carpet cleaning uses a number of chemical compounds. There are different dry cleaning methods available, these are professionally known as cleaning systems. Each cleaning system uses a different set of cleaning compounds in order to yield the best possible results depending on the current state of the carpet and the nature and scale of the soiling or staining. Generally the dry carpet cleaning process is described by the use of dry cleaning compounds followed by the application of different cleaning solutions. The exact cleaning system will vary in accordance to the type of carpet, as well as its location on the property. Usually carpets in high traffic areas will require a pre-treatment which is the application of a heavy duty cleaning solution, specially formulated for heavily stained or soiled carpets.

After the preconditioning has been completed, the cleaners will apply a special biodegradable cleaning compound, which has nearly one hundred precent absorbency, ninety eight to be exact. The compound is spread evenly across the carpet and is then rubbed in using brushes or similar equipment. The dry cleaning compound will be rubbed in, all the way down to the carpet base as it attracts dirt, grime and allergens and then kills or dissolves them in a matter of minutes. Once the compound has done its job, the leftovers and the dirt and grime will be vacuumed using industrial grade vacuum cleaners. The vacuuming is thorough and doesn’t leave any trace or residue of the cleaning compound. For commercial dry cleaning purposes we can apply a different cleaning system known as encapsulation but it is more complex in terms of technology and application.

Dry Carpet Cleaning LondonEncapsulation though will keep the carpet cleaner and free of bacteria for longer as compared to other dry cleaning systems. Solvent extraction is another dry cleaning system we use for heavily soiled carpets, as this system works deep inside the fibres, it also uses a certain amount of moisture, which puts the carpet drying time of up to four hours, which is still much better than conventional or steam cleaning drying time. As always the dry carpet cleaning work is carried out by specially trained, qualified cleaning technicians who have the skills and expertise to handle your carpet cleaning request efficiently and in a risk-free manner.

Our cleaners are skilled in the safe and efficient use of dry cleaning equipment, chemicals and materials. They will go about their job with professional pace and efficiency just as expected. The cleaning session will be completed within the designated amount of time and is guaranteed to give you the best possible results without risk of damage or alteration to carpet properties and fibres. The service is reasonably priced and accessible by all customers. Service bookings can be made for any day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays.