Duct Cleaning London

Duct Cleaning LondonSpecialised duct cleaning is one of our technical services and we are fully qualified to organise and provide, highly effective, professional duct cleaning with guaranteed results and moderate service costs. Ducts are part of the house’s HVAC which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning – in other words the ducts are the passage ways used by the home’s HVAC system to take air outside and bring air inside the house. In time, even the best HVAC filters will become ineffective and allow for dust and debris to be sucked into the air flow system of the house and block ducts along the way. Ducts don’t necessarily get blocked overnight, the process takes time and might involve a number of issues. Although dust and dirt are the main problems when dealing with blocked ducts, there is also another problem which is mould.

Mould can develop and grow quite easily inside the house’s HVAC system and the ducts in particular. As one can imagine, mould is not on the list of healthy indoor environment factors and should be dealt with timely and effectively, this is especially important if young children or people with respiratory conditions are living at the house. Dirty, mouldy or blocked ducts not only mean poor indoor air quality, but also an increase of electricity bills and notable thermal inefficiency of the property as the HVAC systems of the house will be working overtime to compensate for the blockage thus they consume more power but don’t do much in terms of actual heating or cooling. This is definitely not the right way to maintain your home’s ventilation ducts.

Duct Cleaning LondonWe can organise and provide a professional duct cleaning service which will remove all dust, dirt, debris and blockages from your HVAC ductwork and give you good indoor air quality and actual thermal efficiency of your home, not to mention reduce your power bills. The ductwork of a house is quite elaborate and consists of many parts and additional systems. This means unqualified persons should not attempt to clean the ductwork, as this may result in major damage or personal injury. Instead you should use our professional duct cleaning service and let us deal with the situation safely and effectively. Our specially trained cleaning technicians have the qualification and expertise to expertly handle all types of duct cleaning jobs and yield the necessary results without risk of damage. The ductwork is made of different materials and usually has different layout as per the floor plan and requirements of the household.

It is strongly unadvisable for unqualified persons to attempt cleaning the ductwork, because most of the time it contains highly sensitive smoke or fire sensors and dampers which should only be handled by qualified professionals – don’t risk your home and your safety. So, how can one know if their ductwork needs professional cleaning attention? Well, there are a number of tell-tale signs which could give you a pretty good indication of what needs to be done. Sign number one – you have recently started to clean unusually large amounts of dust from your furniture and flooring. This means the ducts are blocked and dust is unable to be filtered or sucked out of the house. The situation is the same if you still see dust floating about in the air, after detailed house cleaning.

Duct Cleaning LondonCertain physical discomforts like unusual skin allergies are also a good indicator of blocked ductwork. Night time headaches, blocked nose and other sinus problems should sound the alarm. A really basic way to determine if your ductwork is working is to put your hand against the vent and see how much air is actually coming inside, if there is hardly any air coming in, the ducts must be cleaned. Your nose will give you the best advice – if your rooms fill up with musty, stale odour coming inside, then you definitely have mould growing inside the ductwork. Should you need us to clean your home’s ductwork, we will send you a team of specially qualified, professional cleaners who will deal with the situation safely and effectively. The cleaning technicians will bring all the necessary equipment and materials required for the job. The cleaning process will begin with assessment of the situation and localisation of the possible blockage.

Most of the time physical blockage is the other usual problem of which most HVAC systems suffer, besides mould, bundled leaves and garden debris. It is amazing what one can find stuck inside the ductwork of a house. Professional cleaners have found anything from paperclips through toys to shoes, this should prompt you to organise a pro grade duct cleaning session and see what is actually blocking your vents. One other very serious issue which stems from ineffective or blocked ductwork is risk of house fire. This doesn’t necessarily happen the moment your duct gets blocked, but the chances of a potential fire are increased, why though? A blocked heating system duct means hot air is being trapped in a certain spot of the duct pipe, obstructed by leaves, grime, debris etc. This part of the duct will eventually heat up quite a bit as air is not circulating through it properly.

Duct Cleaning LondonOne can imagine what happens next. We urge customers not to postpone or delay the duct cleaning for too long as the issues will only get bigger. Usually the kitchen aspirator is also a part of the home’s ductwork or HVAC system, and as such it should also be subjected to professional cleaning. Our expert cleaners will determine if and how to clean your kitchen aspirator and reduce the risk of potential kitchen fires. The duct cleaning service is also available to commercial establishments, we can also combine the service with a kitchen extraction service for commercial kitchens and eateries, where grease residue in ductwork and aspirators can be both health and safety hazard. The service is available seven days a week with flexible booking hours. It can be combined with another cleaning service for extra value for money.