End of Tenancy Cleaning London

End of Tenancy Cleaning LondonOrganising a professional end of tenancy cleaning is a compulsory requirement outlined in most rental contracts or lease agreements. Usually, landlords or letting agencies acting on their behalf, would require tenants to organise a professional end of tenancy cleaning session as a precondition to releasing the rental deposit paid by tenants at the time of moving in. Our professional end of tenancy cleaning service is just what is required. We have the necessary experience and expertise to handle professionally and efficiently even the most elaborate or large scale cleaning requests and deliver the expected results with no additional hassles or extra costs.

Before going any further with our service description, it must be noted and clarified that the end of tenancy cleaning service will yield the best possible cleaning results. This means that tenants might still incur additional charges by the landlord or the letting agency if the level of damage sustained by the property exceeds the usual and expected amount of wear and tear. Our professional end of tenancy cleaning is a fully comprehensive property treatment that covers the entire house from top to bottom. The final property inspection will be quite thorough and elaborate, this is why we have made sure to cover all rooms and areas of the property and give customers consistently good results across the house. How do we know what makes a proper end of tenancy cleaning? First of all we have the necessary industry experience to know what’s expected of a fully comprehensive property cleaning. Second, we work closely with rental customers and letting agencies and have gathered invaluable insight knowledge of what is required of a thorough end of tenancy cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning LondonWe also know which rooms and areas of the property will be put under a lot of scrutiny during the final inspection therefore we will pay special cleaning attention and waste no effort in brining those up to scratch. Usually landlords or letting agents acting on their behalf would be willing to compile an end of tenancy cleaning checklist which is then provided to tenants to complete. Should the need be there, our cleaners can follow diligently the provided cleaning checklist and ensure all specific requirements have been covered and all conditions met. If no such list is provided or available, our cleaning teams will follow their standard property cleaning procedure and still achieve the same outstanding results across the house. As already mentioned, the end of tenancy cleaning is a full property treatment which covers all rooms and areas of the house.

The cleaning process usually begins top down, with cleaning of upstairs bedrooms and hallways. The cleaners will dust and polish all furniture and surfaces, cobwebs and dust will also be removed from ceilings and walls. If there are any specific stains on walls or other similar surfaces our cleaners will review them and determine if attempting to clean the stains will actually cause more harm than good, as many walls are not painted using washable interior paints. This will be decided onsite. Interior woodwork such as window framing, door frames and doors will also be dusted and cleaned of any stains or blemishes. Cabinets and storage furniture like wardrobes and cupboards will be dusted, and then cleaned and polished just as required.

End of Tenancy Cleaning LondonThe kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom though will be under lots of scrutiny during the final property inspection. Usually these are the areas which can cost tenants some demerit points but our professional end of tenancy cleaning will ensure top quality, professional standard results which will please and impress even the most demanding landlords. Special cleaning attention will be paid the kitchen, our cleaners will dust, clean and polish any kitchen woodwork and furniture like cabinetry, door frames, doors, windows and interior window framework. Wall tiled surfaces like backsplashes and such will be descaled, disinfected and polished. The same applies to taps, sinks and rinse basins. Stainless steel surfaces will be cleaned and polished using top quality cleaning products that will not scratch or cloud polished metal surfaces.

Special cleaning attention will be paid to food preparation areas and food storage compartments in the kitchen as this is vital for the health and wellbeing of current and future occupants. Kitchen flooring, either tiled, laminated or other, will be dusted, disinfected and cleaned to a perfect finish. Certain kitchen appliances will also be included in the end of tenancy cleaning. The toilet and the bathroom will also be subjected to detailed and extensive cleaning from top to bottom. Fixtures like faucets, towel racks, sink basins, shelves, taps, shower heads, etc. will be descaled and disinfected using professional grade products.

End of Tenancy Cleaning LondonGlass surfaces like mirrors and shower cab doors will be cleaned and polished thoroughly. All tiled surfaces like walls and flooring in the bathroom and the toilet, as well as the toilet seat itself will be descaled, disinfected and polished. The end of tenancy service is available to customers seven days a week with flexible or extended appointment hours. We have good short notice availability and will be able to accommodate most overnight service requests. The cleaning is done by specially trained, professional cleaners who have the necessary skills and expertise to get the job done right. Free service quotes are available to all customers.