Events Cleaning London

Events Cleaning LondonAnother one of our specialised cleaning services is professional events cleaning. Staging a special occasion at a function hall or organising any public event takes a lot of effort and preparation. One of the most essential and important aspects of proper event staging is arranging for a professional cleaning service to prepare the venue for the event and then clean up all traces of the celebration and have the place in tip top condition. In most instances, having organised a professional event cleaning service is compulsory requirement and failing to clean up after the event properly can result in fines or additional costs incurred by the organisers.

We can help you deal with the cleaning preparation of the venue and take care of the aftermath. Our professional events cleaning service is highly comprehensive and covers all aspects and requirements. Depending on the size and complexity of your request we will send you a sufficient number of cleaners in order to get the job done within the agreed amount of hours, and without any further delays or disruptions to your schedule. Our cleaning technicians will arrive at the venue or property at the designated time, in an orderly fashion and commence their work without any further timewasting. Cleaning tasks will be delegated and distributed amongst the members of our cleaning teams in order to increase efficiency and reduce the cleaning duration.

Events Cleaning LondonOur cleaning crews will come fully equipped and ready for the task at hand. We will bring along all the necessary equipment, cleaning materials and supplies. We work with highly effective, industrial grade cleaning systems and materials which gives us the ability to deliver outstanding results on all jobs. Our cleaners are trained in the safe and efficient use of such materials and equipment, which means no risk of damage or personal injury. At the same time, we want to reduce the environmental toll of our work and for this reason we use and apply only nontoxic materials and solutions which pose no health risk for humans or animals. All cleaning materials will evaporate and dissolve without a trace or residue shortly after the cleaning has been completed.

A few words about the service itself – as already mentioned this is a specialised, highly comprehensive cleaning treatment that can cover the entire venue or customer specified areas or zones only. The nature of the event or venue to be cleaned will determine which cleaning procedures will be performed and in what order. Our cleaning technicians will handle the entire cleaning process from start to end in a professional, attentive and highly efficient manner. Everything will be done timely and without any delays. Should the need be there, our cleaning teams can be instructed directly by customers and focus their effort and attention on specific areas or objects. If the venue has been fitted with a temporary or permanent kitchen, our cleaners will pay special attention to food preparation and storage areas and ensure immaculate hygiene all round.

Events Cleaning LondonKitchen appliances like deep fryers, stoves, etc. will be thoroughly degreased, disinfected and polished to a professional standard finish. Any additional staff facilities like office, change rooms, common rooms etc. will also be included as part of the cleaning. Special attention will be paid to venue toilets and bathrooms, either those being staff or visitor intended. Our cleaning teams will apply industrial strength disinfectants in order to eradicate and remove all bacteria and germs from toilet and bathroom facilities. Should you be staging an open air event, our cleaning teams will have the area ready for the event in a matter of hours. Portable toilets will be checked and inspected as to make sure they are working properly and clean. Our cleaners will space out and arrange rubbish bins and additional waste containers accordingly so that less rubbish ends up on the floor. After the event our expert cleaners will waste no time and will have the venue looking as clean and neat as the day you booked it.

The cleaners will cover the entire area and collect any disposable utensils and plastic dishes, cups, tissues, etc. and dispose of them accordingly. The guys will also take care of beer and soft drink cans, empty beverage bottles, cigarette and cigar buds and all sorts of other rubbish that may be littering the venue grounds. Food scraps along with any other leftovers from the event will be packed, and disposed of. In terms of efficiency and timing our cleaners are punctual and very attentive. Food preparation and storage facilities will again be disinfected, cleaned and polished so they are ready for their next hire. After the event, toilet and bathroom facilities will look a little worse for wear, to say the least.

Events Cleaning LondonThis will be no problem for our cleaning teams, as they will use and apply industrial strength disinfectants in order to have the areas in question clean, fresh and free of germs and bacteria. We understand that in many cases, function halls and other similar venues are subjected to post event inspection. We guarantee our customers to have the premises clean, disinfected and neat within the shortest time possible and save them a ton of extra hassles or additional venue fees. We also understand and appreciate that planning a big event is a major big deal and takes time, effort and perfect coordination.

We have good short notice availability and will be able to summon the technical means and manpower for any type of event cleaning request. We will be able to accommodate most overnight cleaning requests with no additional costs or extra hassles. We can organise professional pre and after event cleaning for sporting events, open air events, music festivals, museum open days, and many more. If necessary, we can dispatch a team of cleaning professionals to assist with waste management and collection during the actual event in order to optimise the post event cleaning process, and in turn increase efficiency and reduce the cleaning duration. Call for a free quote today.