Fridge Cleaning London

Fridge Cleaning LondonSometimes professional domestic or commercial kitchen cleaning is not enough to bring your kitchen appliances up to scratch with the level of hygiene in the rest of the kitchen. For such instances, our commercial and domestic customers can rely on us and take full advantage of our specialised fridge and freezer cleaning service and let us deal with the situation effectively. Why do you need to keep the fridge clean? The short answer to this question is because fridge cleanliness affects quality of food stored in the fridge or freezer. How does this actually happen? In time with everyday use, the fridge will develop an easily recognisable odour known as fridge breath, as one can imagine there is nothing pleasant about the smell.

What makes matters even worse is that fridge breath seeps into foods, produce and beverages stored in the fridge. It doesn’t take long for this unpleasant odour to ruin the taste and flavour of food supplies stored in the refrigerator, sometimes it only takes a few hours. Where does fridge breath come from and can it be prevented? Fridge breath cannot be prevented, but it can be delayed. Which is a band aid solution really, as you will eventually have to clean the fridge yourself or arrange for professional cleaning services. The specific unpleasant smell which the fridge develops is due to the difference in temperature of the foods being put in and taken out of the refrigerator. Here is an example of how it works – you cook pasta, you eat some of the pasta, but have to leave the house in a rush.

The only thing you can do is put the warm pasta dish in the fridge for the time being. Next up your partner comes home and cooks a seafood dish with lots of garlic, they eat some of it, but leave the rest for later, and they put the seafood in the fridge. Repeat this scenario a few more times, with cakes, deserts, meatballs or whatever else, and the fridge will smell like a cheap restaurant in no time. Another issue with fridges is condensation. New machines have a function which prevents excessive icing. This means condensation formed inside the fridge will be in liquid state. As long as the condensation is in liquid state, smells will be forming and seeping into foods and produce.

Fridge Cleaning LondonThe situation with the freezer is similar, although the freezer doesn’t seem to be the dirtiest place in the kitchen it still requires proper cleaning on a regular basis, why though? Imagine the following – you deepfreeze six freshly cut pork chops, on the same day you deepfreeze two tuna fish, the day after you deepfreeze some wild berries. So far so good, but consider the following – the freezer even when running on max will take a few minutes to freeze products and foods, during these few minutes juices and fluids from meat, fruits or anything else will likely leak or spill around the freezer, sometimes the freezer is set to a lower setting, which means deep freezing will take longer, which in turn means more mess down the bottom of your trusty freezer. All in all this means more germs and bacteria, although dormant as they are frozen solid.

Fridges and freezer, regardless of whether domestic or commercial have to be defrosted, sanitised and properly cleaned at least once every six months. Why is it important to defrost your cooling equipment and clean it thoroughly? First of all your foods and beverages will taste and smell better, which means improved storage quality. Second of all, running clean, ice-free cooling equipment means the machines are working efficiently and not straining to do their job. In turn this means less electricity consumed and less money to pay for utility bills. This is great news for commercial and residential customers who are looking to improve their energy consumption patterns. As always the fridge and freezer cleaning service is carried out by our specially trained, professional cleaners who have the skills and expertise to do this right.

Fridge Cleaning LondonObviously, the cleaners will do their job without the use or application of any toxic cleaning solutions or harsh solvents as these are after all food storage appliances which should be clean, sanitised and free of any germs, bacteria or toxic chemicals. Cooling equipment will be cleaned both inside and out, inox or stainless steel exterior surfaces will be cleaned and carefully polished using gentle polishing pastes and products, as we need to avoid scratches or breaking of any top coatings or metal finishes. All removable parts like shelving, racks and butter conditioners will be taken out for separate cleaning. Any remaining frost and food residue will be scraped manually.

During the cleaning process, your food and beverage will have to be taken out of the fridge. Obviously we don’t want your food spoiling or your ice cream melting, therefore we will bring along a sufficient number of cooler bags and store your food supplies for the time being. As mentioned the professional fridge and freezer cleaning service is available to both commercial and residential customers. We understand and appreciate the fact that commercial establishments cannot just shut down for the day in order to have their cooling equipment cleaned, this is why we can visit your commercial property in a suitable time, either before or after business hours.

Fridge Cleaning LondonIn some instances where full scale defrosting is required, we will be able to schedule the cleaning appointment for the weekend and make sure your cooling equipment is clean, fresh and ready to use by next Monday. Our cleaning experts will be happy to provide customers with free, professional advice on how to keep cooling equipment frost-free and cleaner for longer. Our cleaning experts have the necessary industry experience and knowledge to perform regular or fixed schedule cleaning of your commercial or domestic cooling equipment in according to your personal preferences or business requirements and provide for efficient equipment operation and outstanding fridge and freezer hygiene.