Garden Cleaning London

Garden Cleaning LondonA neat, clean garden is an inseparable part of any well-kept home. Regular and timely maintenance and cleaning is the only proven way to keep the garden in check. Problem is that numerous social, work and family commitments can get in the way of your garden maintenance and cleaning schedule, this may not be a big issue at the start, but failing to organize timely garden maintenance and cleaning will eventually cause the garden to become overgrown with bushes and weeds. Garden cleaning and maintenance is also physically demanding and perhaps a little too tedious to be everyone’s cup of tea. We can offer you our professional garden cleaning service as the cost effective, highly efficient alternative to doing all the work yourself.

So what makes garden cleaning so tough, and why should you use our professional garden cleaning instead? First of all, garden cleaning is quite time consuming and requires a certain amount of muscle power. If you are not the type to break a sweat in the garden, by all means let us handle your garden cleaning requirements in an attentive and highly efficient manner, without costing you a small fortune. We recommend using our professional garden cleaning service as the better alternative, as you receive punctual, attentive and affordable service that gets the job done swiftly and without any additional hassles. The garden cleaning service is carried out by specially trained cleaning technicians who have the necessary skills and experience in garden cleaning and basic maintenance to give you top quality results without risk of damage or personal injury.

Garden Cleaning LondonIf you have recently done a major garden renovation or a full garden landscaping, then chances are there will be a lot of rubbish and debris left behind for you to deal with. Such procedures usually leave the garden a bit too messy to enjoy, this is where we come in and help you clean and dispose of all the rubbish and debris littering your garden. Our garden cleaning crews will visit your property in a suitable time and commence the cleaning session without any additional delays or timewasting. Our cleaning teams will arrive at your property fully equipped and ready for the task at hand. The cleaning technicians are specially trained in the safe and efficient use of power cleaning equipment and specialised garden cleaning equipment, this means no margin for error and no risk of personal injury.

Our cleaning service begins with collecting and disposing of any large garden debris such as dead or fallen branches, dead bushes, pulled out weeds, sticks, stones, loose gravel on the lawn, timber leftovers from landscaping procedures, discarded garden construction materials left behind by the landscapers, and any other type of garden or household rubbish which has made its way out onto your yard. Once the larger rubbish is out of the way, our garden cleaning teams will start dealing with smaller debris and rubbish like dead leaves littering your lawn and bushes, hedge and tree clippings, loose gravel, and anything else that might be in the way. Cleaning the lawn of any dead leaves, loose gravel and other small debris is particularly tedious and requires a certain amount of time.

Garden Cleaning LondonOur garden cleaners will do their best to rake free your lawn of any large or small debris that doesn’t belong there. If you have fruit trees in the garden, but the fruits have not been picked timely, chances are they are rotting and littering your garden, although this is considered to be a natural fertiliser, rotting fruit can give off unpleasant, sour odours and attract lots of insects, rodents and too many birds. Our cleaning crews will collect and dispose of rotting fruit and any other organic rubbish littering your garden. The garden cleaning service covers the entire yard, not just the garden. If you recently had your lawn returfed or regenerated or just mowed and trimmed professionally, perhaps clippings and dead grass blades will be littering your pathways, garden paved areas and will inevitably make their way inside the house stuck to clothing and shoe soles.

Our garden cleaning crews will collect and clean all clippings and dead grass flying about the place using specialised cleaning equipment and ensure all non-grass areas of the garden are clean and ready to use. If you have any other specific cleaning requirements like patio cleaning or deck cleaning, those can combined with the garden cleaning service for extra value for money and better coverage. Please be sure to discuss this with our customer consultants in order for us to provide you with the correct service quote. The garden cleaning service can also be ordered in combination with pressure or jet washing – a perfect way to freshen up garden features like decorative paved flooring, metal outdoor furniture sets, birth baths, marble benches and tables, stone sun clocks and many more.

Garden Cleaning LondonIf you are happy with our work and service costs, and like to keep your garden clean, neat and free of any rubbish and debris at all times, you can have us visit you on a regular basis in order to do fixed schedule garden cleaning. Many customers require our garden cleaning service on a monthly basis, after their regular garden maintenance appointments, we can also do fortnightly or bimonthly garden appointments depending on the time of year and your personal preferences. Our professional garden cleaning service is genuine value for money and always delivers the promised results.

Our cleaning teams are highly qualified and well trained, you can be sure your garden is in good hands. A proper garden cleaning session will take a certain amount of time to yield the best possible results, this doesn’t mean our cleaners will be slacking about though, quite the opposite actually, but we would appreciate your patience and consideration for the time being. The garden cleaning service is available for booking seven days a week with flexible appointment hours, our garden cleaning is available as standalone or in combination with another cleaning service.