Hard Floor Cleaning London

Hard Floor Cleaning LondonHard floors are valuable and stylish flooring solution for any home. Hard floors add a clean and neat, yet classy look which matches the rest of the house interior and provides for a complete interior design. There are different types of hard flooring, one of the most pricy and classy ones is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is made of natural timber which is chemically treated, sealed, and lacquered for a solid, durable finish. Hardwood floors are quite demanding in terms of cleaning maintenance therefore we recommend our professional hard floor cleaning as the sensible and affordable way to clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Another very popular type of hard flooring is tiled flooring in its many varieties.

Tiles come in a range of designs, shapes and sizes, there are different types of tiles for different purposes and places. In the case of flooring, tiles are stronger, more durable and have a tougher hard wearing top layer. We have the equipment and expertise to handle any type of tile floor cleaning and give you top results without excess costs. Certain tiles like quarry tile, porcelain and terracotta are a bit trickier to keep clean and maintain, but this will be no problem for our specially trained cleaning technicians. Another popular hard flooring solution is natural stone. Natural stone is expensive and stylish, and as such it should be cleaned and cared for accordingly. Our expert floor cleaners will give you outstanding results and no risk of damage on all natural stone floorings including slate, marble and granite. We can also expertly clean all terrazzo floors with ease.

Hard Floor Cleaning LondonA little more about the service itself – hard floor cleaning is a technical cleaning process and as such it is carried out by specially trained cleaning technicians who are highly skilled and know their work inside out. We train our cleaners to be highly effective on all types of hard flooring surfaces and give you consistently good results, regardless of how big the room is or how dirty the floor is. The cleaners will arrive at your property at the designated time, fully equipped and ready for work. We use and apply professional grade equipment and the latest and most effective floor cleaning systems and materials. We will implement the right cleaning system and use the right products as per the type and condition of your hard flooring and ensure top quality results across the floor.

Many people have been left with the impression that hard floor cleaning is done using dangerous toxic chemicals and harsh cleaning solvents. Not at all actually, as already mentioned we use and apply only professional grade, industry approved materials and products which are either non-toxic or non-harmful or derived from natural ingredients. This ensures outstanding results, and no risk for our customers’ health and wellbeing. Using high grade, non-toxic cleaning systems and materials means we have reduced the environmental toll of our work. Our cleaning crews will check the state and condition of your hardwood, laminate tile or stone flooring, as well as the nature of staining or soiling and in turn determine the most effective yet sparing way to clean the floor without denting, clouding or otherwise damaging any top surfaces or material finishes.

Hard Floor Cleaning LondonIn certain instances, our cleaning process can also be considered as basic maintenance or restoration, this is the case with cleaning and polishing granite and marble floors which can become a little clouded after certain period of time and heavy duty use. Vinyl and linoleum are considered to be resilient flooring, but some people count them as hard floors, especially some of the more durable versions. As such, these flooring surfaces can also be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, which is necessary even if they don’t appear to be too dirty or worn. Our cleaning crews will be able to clean effectively and without risk of damage any type of resilient flooring surface and give you outstanding results. We also have the equipment and skill to clean industrial and non-interior hard floorings like concrete or other composite flooring materials commonly known as chemical floors. Our cleaning crews are armed with all the necessary equipment and machinery like industrial strength vacuum cleaners, power floor buffers, automatic floor scrubbers and sweepers.

The cleaning process usually begins with detailed vacuuming of the entire floor surface in order to remove dust, dirt and small debris which may scratch the floor when rolled around by foot traffic. The next step of the cleaning process will depend on the particular type of flooring surface and its state. Hardwood floors will be cleaned accordingly after the cleaners determine if the wood is wax coated or polyurethane coated. In the case of ceramic tile floors in kitchens and wet rooms our cleaners will vacuum, clean using the right solvents, and then disinfect and polish the tiled surfaces using the right equipment and products. Certain types of staining will take longer to remove from hard flooring surfaces, but we will be able to yield the best possible results.

Hard Floor Cleaning LondonIf you have specific staining on your hard floors, don’t try to treat or remove the stains on your own using homemade cleaning solutions as this might only make matters worse or affect the top surface of your floor. Besides the punctual, attentive and highly efficient service you get from us, our expert floor cleaning technicians will be able to provide you with free, useful advice on how to keep your hard floors looking cleaner and feeling better for longer. In many cases, a selection of strategically placed floor matting will help you reduce scratching, staining and excessive cleaning maintenance. This is especially true for heavy foot traffic areas around front doors, hallways and wet rooms. We can also organise for sealing and polishing of certain types of hard floors. The hard floor cleaning service is available as standalone or in combination with another type of cleaning we offer. Floor cleaning appointments can be booked for any day of the week.