Home Cleaning London

Home Cleaning LondonYour home is your sanctuary, a place where you can get some well-deserved rest, peace and quiet or have fun and enjoy life in full. Proper home maintenance consists of many different aspects and tasks, one of the main ones is timely and effective domestic cleaning. No home, regardless of how luxurious or comfortable it is, can go without proper cleaning maintenance for more than two weeks, if not less. Many people do their own house cleaning, many others don’t. Delegating your home cleaning chores to specially trained cleaning experts such as ourselves is perfectly acceptable and even recommended in many instances. Why use professional home cleaning services instead of doing the cleaning on your own? First of all, home cleaning is rather time consuming and quite laborious. If you don’t have the time to invest in home cleaning or you just have better things to do on your hard earned weekend than cleaning, then you have the perfect reason and excuse to call us and have our expert cleaners deal with your cleaning chores attentively and affordably.

Proper home cleaning also takes a certain amount of skill and expertise, but not many people have the necessary materials, equipment and experience to get it right every time, which is perfectly understandable as different people are good at different things, this is why we stick to home cleaning which is what we are good at, and leave rocket science to rocket scientists. Our cleaning crews are made up of specially trained professional cleaners who have plenty of industry experience and the right set of practical skills to expertly handle any type of home cleaning request with ease, regardless of its size or complexity. We also train our cleaners to use only sparing amounts of any chemical solvents and try to apply and work only with natural formula cleaning materials and supplies. This is vital for us as a professional cleaning company and our customers, as home cleaning is one of our major services and is carried out in close proximity to customers, and their animal pets.

Home Cleaning LondonAll materials and products we use will evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue shortly after the cleaning session. We also train our cleaning teams to work with a minimum water and resource policy on all jobs. Our wide range of home cleaning service is specially designed to cover a wide spectrum of general and specific domestic cleaning requirements in a professional, affordable and highly efficient manner. Customers can choose from a wide variety of top quality home cleaning services which cover anything from basic one off cleaning to complete property treatments that cover the entire house from top to bottom. We offer deep cleaning for the whole house, as well as highly comprehensive spring cleaning. Specialised home cleaning services we offer include thorough kitchen cleaning and specialised wet room cleaning for the bathroom and the toilet. We guarantee to give you top notch results without any excess cost or additional hassles.

All work will be done using professional grade, industry proven equipment and materials which pose no health risk to humans or animals at the property. Wet rooms and kitchen will be subject to specialised sanitising as immaculate hygiene in these areas is absolutely vital, especially if there are young children at the property. Our home cleaning service options don’t end there, we can expertly handle any other type of home cleaning request like specialised carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning – all of which are technical cleaning services carried out by qualified cleaning technicians equipped with the right machines and materials. Our cleaning teams will visit your home at the designated time and commence their work duties in an orderly manner. They will delegate tasks amongst themselves in order to increase efficiency and give you better results within the allocated amount of time.

Home Cleaning LondonThe cleaners are neat, uniformed and well mannered. Our home cleaning services are flexible and fully customisable. Customers have the option of ordering a number of cleaning services on the same day or they can be carried out consecutively according to your schedule and availability. We can also organise for custom tailored cleaning packages able to cover specific customer requirements in a highly effective and affordable fashion. One of our main home cleaning services is regular or fixed schedule home cleaning, and we consider it to be the ideal way to keep your home clean and fresh at all times. The regular cleaning is genuine value for money and gives you great coverage. We send you the same cleaner every time as this increases efficiency and reduces the cleaning duration.

The home cleaning service can be combined with additional exterior cleaning such as patio or deck cleaning, which is a good way to keep your house and its exterior features in tip top shape and always ready to use. We have the right equipment and skills to expertly handle pressure washing tasks and garden cleaning without risk of damage or sub quality results. Appliances in the kitchen usually see a lot daily use and many home owners don’t have the time or means to do a proper oven or fridge clean-up every two weeks or so, for this reason we offer our customers specialised kitchen appliances cleaning which gives you top results right where you need the most.

Home Cleaning LondonWe can also focus our cleaning effort on other problematic areas and features of the home like tiled surfaces in kitchens and wet rooms – tiles can be a real problem to clean sometimes, especially if the last time they were cleaned properly was never. For customers who still haven’t found their perfect home, we offer and provide outstanding end of tenancy or move out cleaning, as well as move in cleaning for your new rental property. All home cleaning services are booked seven days a week with good short notice availability. We also offer flexible or extended booking hours for certain types of cleaning we provide. Free service quotes will be provided upon request.