House Cleaning London

House Cleaning LondonHouse cleaning is our speciality and we are very serious about the quality and efficiency of each and every one of our professional house cleaning services. We are a professional cleaning services provider and as such we have to be able to cover a wide spectrum of domestic and commercial cleaning requirements in a highly effective and affordable manner. Although this might sound like a bit of a tall order for some other cleaning companies out there, it is the benchmark for us, and we will make sure to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every time. There are a number of key business principles which have gone into making our comprehensive and fully customisable house cleaning service list so successful with our customers.

First of all we are punctual and very reliable. We understand that customers need punctuality and reliability as assurance of quality service provision. Our cleaners will visit your residential property at the requested time and not a minute later. They will commence their work in an orderly fashion and without any further delays or timewasting. The cleaners will be instructed prior to arrival at your property and will carry out their cleaning duties in a well-structured, highly efficient manner. Reliability is another key factor in our successful house cleaning service range – we always show up on time, we always find the right address, and always deliver the promised results, just as expected by our customers. Skills and expertise are another major aspect of our top level house cleaning services. It would be impossible to give customers the necessary results and the moderate services costs we have, if it wasn’t for our professional cleaning technicians.

House Cleaning LondonOur cleaners are specially trained, qualified individuals with plenty of industry experience and exceptional practical skills. All this ensures attentive and adequate cleaning approach, punctual and highly efficient work attitude on behalf of our cleaners, no risk of damage to delicate surfaces or material finishes and of course outstanding cleaning results, no matter how tough or elaborate your cleaning request is. The cleaning teams will be fully equipped with all the cleaning materials, machinery and products required for the job. We work with professional grade, industry certified cleaning systems and materials in order to give you best possible results with moderate service costs. House cleaning as already mentioned is our specialty and we know what it takes to do it right. Most of the time, house cleaning procedures are carried out in close proximity and with the presence of our customers and their families on site.

For this reason we work with non-toxic cleaning materials and non-harmful cleaning products as the health and wellbeing of our customers and their loved ones are too important to risk. We are also an environmentally friendly cleaning company which is looking to reduce the environmental toll of our work, this is why our cleaning specialists are trained to work with minimum water and resource waste policy. So far so good, but what can we actually do for you when it comes to house cleaning? Well, we can pretty much do it all, from small scale one-off cleaning to complete property treatments and special purpose house cleaning for those specific requirements you need handled professionally and without risk of damage. Our one off house cleaning service is the most affordable and effective way to get your home back into shape.

House Cleaning LondonThe one off cleaning can be ordered for the entire house or our cleaners can focus their effort and attention on customer specified rooms and areas. The one off cleaning can be ordered as a detailed wet room cleaning – a good way to keep the toilet and the bathroom perfectly sanitised and fresh at all times. The wet room cleaning is quite detailed and covers everything. Tiled surfaces will be descaled, disinfected and polished. Fixtures like towel racks, soap holders, taps, shower heads etc. will also be cleaned and polished to a perfect finish. Most of the time, people have hard time cleaning glass surfaces like mirrors, windows and glass doors of shower cabs. Not a problem for us – our expert cleaners will clean and polish your glass surfaces to immaculate finish. The kitchen is another area where our cleaners will give you almost magical results.

We will clean the entire kitchen from top to bottom, including dusting and cleaning of all cabinetry and woodwork. Food storage areas including the pantry will be sanitised and cleaned. The same applies to food preparation areas like the kitchen table and the bench top. The kitchen sink, the taps and the rinse basin will also be descaled, cleaned and sanitised. Kitchen flooring will be cleaned and polished accordingly, depending on the type of flooring surface you have installed. We can also arrange for specialised fridge or oven cleaning to be combined with your general kitchen cleaning service. We also offer complete property cleaning treatments like our comprehensive spring cleaning service or our deep cleaning service – both very good ways to freshen up the entire house after long periods of cleaning neglect, disuse or after the drowsy winter months in the case of spring cleaning.

We can organise and provide you with attentive, value for money regular or fixed schedule house cleaning and make sure your home is clean and fresh at all times. We also specialise and provide a number of special purpose, technical cleaning services such as professional steam cleaning of carpets, mattresses and upholsteries. Additional exterior house cleaning service we offer include pressure washing of decks and patios, as well as specialised jet washing of exterior tiled surfaces. Customers can choose between standalone cleaning services or cleaning service bundles that give you more value for money and better coverage. We can also organise for specific, custom made cleaning packages for those odd cleaning requests that you need done professionally. All house cleaning services are available seven days a week, including public holidays, at no extra cost. We guarantee our customers the most competitive and fair service quotes around.