Jet Washing London

Jet Washing LondonJet washing is one of our specialised cleaning services. The jet washing service is suitable for cleaning of all solid stone and brick surfaces in and around your home including exterior tilework without risk of damage to the surface itself or the materials below it. How does jet washing work? Jet washing as the name suggests is performed using specialised cleaning equipment. The actual machine we use on all jobs is also known as a pressure washer. The pressure washer basically ejects a high pressure, concentrated or compressed water stream and physically removes different types of blemishes from surfaces and materials like concrete, including certain composite materials resembling concrete in strength and characteristics, same goes for brickwork, exterior stone tiles or any other type of tilework found on the exterior of your home.

The jet wash is also suitable for driveways and backyard patios made of natural stone or other solid materials. Certain types of wood decking can also be cleaned using the pressure washer. It is not recommended to request the jet washing service for interior purposes as water vapour and droplets will make a mess if used in confined spaces. There are instances where the jet wash can prove suitable for cleaning of certain types of rugs, although these would have to be taken outside first. The jet washer has different temperature and pressure settings which can be used accordingly. Hot water pressure washing is also available for certain cleaning tasks. So what issues can be effectively dealt with by using the pressure wash? Take your driveway for example.

Jet Washing LondonEveryday use and exposure to the elements will eventually cause your driveway to alter in colour, or develop mould and certain other chemical or organic discolouration. Another issue with driveways is residue and built up of oil, coolant and fuel stains from vehicles being driven and parked on the driveway on a daily basis. Pair this with four seasons of adverse weather conditions and you have a serious cleaning task on your hands. The situation is the same with the patio, your backyard patio also sees a lot of bad weather throughout the whole year. Most patios are made or paved using coloured bricks, stones or slabs, which too develop mould and certain blemishes like discolouration and residue. Obviously cleaning such property features using conventional cleaning methods i.e. soaking, rubbing and scraping is highly ineffective and will only waste precious time and resources.

We can provide you with a highly effective alternative which will give you outstanding results and no risk of damage, not to mention moderate service costs. The different pressure and temperature settings on our professional grade pressure washers will prove to be highly effective in soaking and removal of all types of chemical and organic staining and residue, including fungal growth from solid exterior surfaces. The jet wash is also suitable for lifting off stains, grime and mould from other solid garden features like stone birth baths, garden benches, sun clocks etc. Certain examples of sporting gear and equipment like mountain or dirt bikes as well as applicable protective gear can effectively be cleaned using a lower pressure setting on our jet wash machine. The same applies to soiled or muddy garden maintenance equipment like lawn mowers and hedge trimmers which too can use with a good dose of hygienic water blasting.

Jet Washing LondonWood decks can also be cleaned without risk of damage using the pressure washer. Most of the time, the effective and proper application of jet washing equipment will restore the original colour or hue of surfaces and objects being treated, minus the fading caused by sunlight of course as this is irreversible. Brick walls and other solid surfaces which have suffered at the hands of graffiti artists can be given another chance at life after being cleaned with our professional grade pressure washing equipment. Even if you were looking to paint such property features, you paintjob will come up better since the surface below is clean of any grease, blemishes or residue. The jet washing service is also suitable for car parks or other such areas which have sustained extensive oil, fuel and coolant staining and residue, the pressure washer will also remove graphite grease or graphite lubricant stains which are notorious to deal with.

Most ceramic roof tiles or bitumen shingles can also be cleaned effectively from mould, staining and residue using our jet washing service. We don’t recommend using our pressure washing service on loose surfaces, or objects which are starting to crack or crumble due to time and weather exposure as this might result in furthering the damage or even worse a personal injury of our cleaners. Since we have top quality jet washing equipment and our cleaners are qualified and highly skilled in its application we can also successfully clean fences, gates and garden sheds.

Jet Washing LondonCertain types of window framing and exterior panelling like window shutters can also be cleaned using the jet wash. As always, the jet washing service is carried out by specially trained, professional cleaning technicians who have the necessary qualification and expertise to get the job done safely and without risk of damage to objects or surfaces being pressure cleaned, or anything else around for that matter. The cleaners will visit your property fully equipped and ready to go.

Please bear in mind that jet or pressure washing is a highly technical cleaning procedure which takes time and effort to yield best results, even in the hands of highly skilled professionals, we would appreciate your understanding as rushing the job will not give you the right results and might cause a personal injury to our cleaners. The jet washing service is available as standalone or in combination with one or more of our top quality cleaning services for extra value for money and better coverage. The service is available for booking seven days a week with suitable booking hours and at very moderate costs. Free of charge, individually prepared service quotes will be provided upon request.