Mattress Cleaning London

Mattress Cleaning LondonMost people, when asked what is included in proper bedroom cleaning would list many different items and aspects of keeping that particular room clean and fresh, but at the same time most people tend to forget about their mattress and proper mattress hygiene. The mattress is an integral part of your bedroom and as such it requires proper, regular cleaning. Why do you need to keep the mattress clean? Here is why – when new a mattress, regardless of its price, manufacturing materials and size if free of any dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, mites and any other such issues. In time though, with everyday use, the mattress will begin to accumulate a decent amount of dust, pollen, bacteria and also a lot of body odours.

One major problem with older mattresses is the development of certain funguses inside the mattress itself. Although these may not be directly visible, they are present on and inside the mattress and can be the cause of poor interior air quality, certain allergies, skin problems like rashes and similar, as well as respiratory problems, especially for asthma sufferers. How does all this happen and is there a way to keep your mattress free of any such bacterial and fungal problems? The development of fungal spores and other bacteria inside the mattress is unavoidable as warm temperature and humidity inside the bedroom, as well as body heat and body oils, along with all the dead skin cells which the body sheds each minute happen to be a good habitual environment for such small parasites.

Mattress Cleaning LondonBefore going any further with the service description, we would like to clarify that professional mattress cleaning is not specialised bed bug control and will not have an effect on bed bug populations. If your household is suffering from a bed bug infestation you should immediately get in touch with a professional exterminator, professional mattress cleaning will only help you keep the place clean and free of any bacteria, not insects. So what are the possible ways to keep your mattress clean for as long as possible? Many people have tried to use conventional mattress cleaning methods only to find out how laborious, time consuming and ineffective these really are. Wetting the mattress in itself is wrong and promotes even more growth and accumulation of bacteria.

Sunning and airing the mattress will perhaps give you some small scale results, but they will be only superficial and short-lived. We would like to advise customers not to waste time, effort and resources in conventional cleaning or homemade cleaning mattress cleaning treatments, but to use our professional mattress cleaning service as the highly effective, affordable and adequate alternative to doing all the work themselves. Our professional mattress cleaning is carried out by specially trained cleaning technicians who are qualified and skilled in the safe and efficient use and application of steam cleaning systems and equipment as these are the tools of the trade so to speak.

Mattress Cleaning LondonCleaning industry specialists and domestic hygiene experts recommend you subject your mattresses to professional steam cleaning at least once every six months, much like your carpets, as this will improve indoor air quality in the bedroom, and keep the mattress free of any allergens and bacteria for longer. Our specially trained cleaning technicians will visit your home in a suitable time and get the job done within the shortest time possible, the cleaners will arrive fully equipped and ready to go. The equipment and cleaning systems we use for mattress cleaning are quite similar in purpose and function to the steam cleaning equipment used for professional carpet cleaning. The cleaners will not expose the mattress to risk of damage and there will be no alteration of colour, texture or properties.

The mattress cleaning process will begin with a detailed vacuuming of the entire mattress including the sides and the bottom as this is where many of the issues are lurking. The role of the vacuuming is not only to remove any dust, dirt and large bits of debris, but to also remove any fungal spores and bacterial and insect eggs clinging to the mattress or its creases. Next up is the application of a specially formulated cleaning solvent which removes and lifts stubborn stains of both organic and chemical nature. Depending on the scale and depth of the soiling our cleaners might have to apply a larger dose of the cleaning solvent for better results.

Mattress Cleaning LondonOn the same note, we don’t use any toxic chemical products, although we use cleaning solvents, these are specially formulated and will evaoparte and dissolve without a trace or residue shortly after the cleaning session. Our cleaning systems and materials are nontoxic and don’t harm people or affect the environment. Once the cleaning solvent has softened and lifted the stains, our cleaners will then extract all the dirt and cleaning materials using steam cleaning equipment – a process known as hot water extraction. The natural cleaning power of hot water i.e. steam ensures no organic or chemical residue of any kind, is left on or inside the mattress as the hot steam will denaturalise any organic leftovers or protein based organisms – thus there will be no bacteria, spores or dust mites living inside your mattress.

Although this is considered to be a wet cleaning method, steam also dries certain layers or parts of the mattress as those are being cleaned. This is good news for our customers as the mattress will take less time to dry and be ready to use sooner. Usually a mattress cleaned using our cleaning systems and equipment will take about two, three perhaps four hours to be dry enough to use, though this would depend on the ambient temperature and the relative humidity inside the house, particularly the bedroom. The mattress cleaning is available as standalone or in combination with another of our top quality cleaning services for extra value for money. The mattress cleaning is quite affordable and always delivers the required results. Service is booked seven days a week.