Move In Cleaning London

Move In Cleaning LondonMove in cleaning is one of our specialised domestic services which can be requested for newly purchased and new rental properties. Our professional move in cleaning is the perfect cleaning solution when you need to erase all traces of prior occupation. Keep in mind though, that this is a property cleaning service, not a property renovation service, and will deal with the usual wear and tear sustained by a property during tenancy or prior occupation. The move in cleaning is a highly comprehensive cleaning treatment that covers the entire property from top to bottom. Special cleaning attention will be paid to heavy duty rooms and areas like the kitchen and the wet rooms which see a lot of use and require perfect hygiene.

The move in cleaning can be requested for newly purchased properties or by tenants who are about to move into a new rental property. The idea and purpose behind the move in cleaning is to erase all traces of prior occupation, as best as possible, and give customers the benefit of moving into a freshly cleaned, perfectly sanitised new home. What does the move in cleaning cover? As mentioned the move in cleaning service is a highly comprehensive, professional grade cleaning that covers the entire property from top to bottom. Should the need be there, our cleaners can focus their effort on customer specified rooms or areas and deliver outstanding results right where customers need the most.

Move In Cleaning LondonThe move in cleaning will begin top down, with the bedrooms and any other rooms upstairs as this would mean no mess and contamination once the cleaning has been completed upstairs. The cleaning teams will thoroughly dust all surfaces in the bedroom, they will clean surfaces of any residue or built up, finally all wood, metal or other material surfaces found in the bedroom will be polished using the right products in order to give you perfect results, just as expected and required. Bedrooms will also be subjected to detailed vacuuming of flooring or any fabric materials such as upholsteries, our equipment is professional grade and suitable for vacuuming of large surface areas like flooring, as well as smaller fabrics attached to furniture – like upholsteries for instance. Next on our cleaning list are hallways and other rooms of the house such as living and dining rooms, play rooms, powder rooms etc.

Our cleaning teams will repeat the procedure and subject these areas to the same rigorous and thorough cleaning. All surfaces and furniture pieces will be dusted, cleaned and polished to a perfect finish. Soft furniture like sofas and other seating will also be dusted, vacuumed and treated for stains, should the need be there of course. Light fixtures and other features like switches will be dusted, cleaned and polished. In the case of light switches the cleaners will also degrease the plastic or metal surface of the switch as this will also improve its colour, besides its hygiene. The cleaners will spare no effort when it is time to clean your floors, our people are trained to determine the type of flooring surface and in turn administer the right cleaning system.

Move In Cleaning LondonUsually it all begins with a thorough vacuuming of the floor, this removes any dust, small debris, and tiny stones which may scratch the surface finish of your floor. Next the cleaners will clean the floor using the right products and voila – your floors will be clean like never before. The kitchen and the wet rooms tend to cause a lot of cleaning grieve for many people. Whether you are moving out or moving in, or doing just a routine clean-up of the kitchen and the wet rooms you need proper disinfection and outstanding hygiene. And we can guarantee you just that. The kitchen will be subjected to detailed cleaning which will cover all features and kitchen furniture. Kitchen cabinetry and cupboards will be dusted, cobwebs removed and then cleaned. The same applies to food storage cabinets and compartments like the pantry.

Our people will pay special cleaning attention to the pantry as this where the household stores much of its food supplies which means perfect hygiene and no bacteria inside the pantry. Kitchen features like light switches, dish and towel racks, etc. will be cleaned as well. Food preparation areas like the kitchen table, chopping boards, and bench tops will also be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in order to give you sufficient kitchen hygiene for longer. Smaller appliances like toasters, microwaves, blenders, etc. will also be cleaned inside and out. For cleaning of larger appliances like the oven, the fridge and the freezer please speak to our customer consultants at the time of booking your move in cleaning.

Move In Cleaning LondonSinks, tiled surfaces, rinse basins and faucets will be descaled, cleaned and polished to a perfect finish. The bathroom and the toilet will experience the same amount of cleaning effort – tiled and ceramic surfaces and objects will be descaled, disinfected and polished. Glass surfaces such as mirrors and shower cabin doors will also be descaled and polished. Main bathroom features like bath tubs, sinks and others alike are going to be cleaned to a professional standard finish. As always our work is carried out by specially trained professional cleaners who possess the necessary skills and expertise to handle any type of cleaning request with ease.

The cleaners are all vetted, ununiformed and well mannered, they will arrive at your property in an orderly fashion and commence their work without any additional delays. The cleaners will be fully equipped and will bring all necessary materials and cleaning products required for the job. We work with specially formulated, industry certified cleaning products and materials which are highly effective but none of them are toxic or harsh chemicals, as the health and safety of our customers and their loved ones are paramount to us. We apply a minimum water waste policy on all jobs. The move in cleaning service is available for booking seven days a week, with flexible booking hours.