Move Out Cleaning London

Move Out Cleaning20Our professional and highly effective move out cleaning service is the perfect way to fulfil your end of tenancy cleaning commitments or simply clean your property to a perfect finish when moving to another residence. The move out cleaning, as mentioned is available to both rental and non-rental customers who are in the process of vacating and moving out of their current residence. The move out cleaning is a highly comprehensive cleaning service that covers the entire property from top to bottom, including problematic rooms and areas like the toilet, the bathroom and the kitchen. When the move out cleaning has been requested as an end of tenancy cleaning service, customers can rely on us for punctual, highly effective cleaning that will deliver the required results without any additional costs or extra hassles.

In most cases, organising a professional move out or end of tenancy cleaning is a compulsory requirement outlined and regulated by the rental contract or lease agreement signed by the tenants and the landlord, or a letting agency acting on their behalf. We as a professional cleaning service provider know what’s expected of a proper move out cleaning and know how to make it happen – quickly, efficiently and without risk of damage or sub quality results. When you have secured your move out cleaning service with us, we will send you a sufficient number of specially trained, professional cleaning technicians, who have the necessary skills and expertise to expertly handle even the toughest cleaning requests.

Move Out Cleaning LondonOur cleaning teams are also specially to meet specific cleaning requirements set forth by the landlord or the letting agency. If necessary the cleaners can also follow and work their way through a specially compiled move out cleaning checklist and make sure all specific requirements are met and all cleaning tasks completed properly. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that professional end of tenancy or move out cleaning is also a compulsory precondition to releasing the rental deposit held by the landlord or the letting agency. In the case of move out cleaning requested by property owners when the house is put up for sale, we will provide the same professional, thorough and highly effective cleaning service and make sure the property is looking its best. This is especially important for property viewings if real estate agents and potential customers are showing a fair bit of interest in the property.

Our specially trained cleaning technicians will visit your property in an orderly manner and at a suitable time. They will come fully equipped and ready to go. We work with professional grade cleaning equipment and materials and apply only highly effective, industry certified cleaning products. We understand that domestic cleaning is a type of work carried out in close proximity to people, their families and their pet animals and the usage and application of toxic, corrosive or harsh chemicals is totally unacceptable and quite dangerous. Because of this we work with non-harmful, non-aggressive, natural formula cleaning supplies and products which will evaporate and dissolve without a trace or residue shortly after the cleaning has been completed. So, what does our move out cleaning service actually cover? Well, in short it covers everything.

Move Out Cleaning LondonThe cleaners will delegate and distribute the cleaning tasks amongst them in order to yield the best possible results within the allocated amount of time. All rooms and areas of the house will subject to cleaning, should the need be there our cleaners can also focus their effort on customer specified areas or cleaning issues that need to be dealt with. The cleaning session covers the bedrooms, the living room, the dining room, and any other applicable parts of the floor plan such as powder rooms, games or play rooms, lounge rooms etc. All surfaces and woodwork such as interior window framing and doors across the house will be dusted, cleaned of any residue, staining or soling, and then cleaned and sanitised to a perfect finish. Our cleaners will treat delicate surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and others such, gently and apply only sparing amounts of cleaning products, enough to give the necessary results without risk of damage.

This is followed up by a detailed vacuuming of all floors, rugs and carpets, while vacuuming the cleaners will also clean off any cobwebs clinging to corners, nooks and crannies. The floors will be vacuumed, and where applicable mopped and polished to a professional standard finish. Naturally, special cleaning attention will be paid to heavy duty rooms like the kitchen and of course the wet rooms. Cabinetry, cupboards and wood work around the kitchen will be dusted, sanitised and cleaned. The cleaners will focus their attention on food storage areas and compartments like the pantry where good level of hygiene is required at all times.

Move Out Cleaning LondonSpecial attention will be paid to food preparation areas and objects like bench tops and chopping boards, as well as the kitchen table of course. The cleaners will also descale any tiled surfaces in the kitchen, including the sink backsplash. The same applies to all features like sinks, rinse basins, taps, towel and dish racks etc. – all will be descaled, sanitised and polished. Kitchen flooring will be vacuumed, mopped and polished if tiled or other hard flooring surface.

The bathroom and the toilet will be put under lots of scrutiny during the final landlord inspection and our cleaning teams will do their best to meet and exceed expectations. All tiled surfaces will be descaled, disinfected and polished to a mirror finish. Glass surfaces like mirrors, shower cab doors and others similar will be descaled and polished. Faucets, towel racks, soap holders and any other fixtures inside the bathroom and the toilet will also be cleaned in detail. Ceramic features like bath tubs, sinks and the toilet itself will be thoroughly disinfected, descaled and polished to a professional standard finish. The same goes for the wet room floors, whether those are tiled or not. Service is available for booking seven days a week, with flexible appointment hours.