Night Cleaning London

Night Cleaning LondonCustomers who are in the process of vacating their current rental property but numerous other work and social commitments are taking up their time and getting in the way of their cleaning efforts can rely on us for the most professional, attentive and highly efficient night cleaning around. Our professional night cleaning service is the ideal option when time is short, but the cleaning chores are aplenty. What is night cleaning and how is it different to any other type of move out or end of tenancy cleaning? Basically, the night cleaning service is a proper end of tenancy cleaning service which is performed out of the usual business hours, or in other words when customers have the availability to receive the cleaners. The night cleaning service is not solely intended for busy tenants on their way out, the service is also widely requested by customers who work long or odd hours and cannot receive the cleaners at any other time but the evening.

The key idea and purpose behind the night cleaning service is flexibility and versatility. The service is very flexible, in other words customers can receive the cleaners at a suitable time, and most probably this would be in the evening or later during the same night. Versatility is also a key ingredient in our service provision, the night cleaning is suitable for a range of purposes, including last minute end of tenancy or short notice move out cleaning requests. Our professional night cleaning service gives you nothing but benefits. You will be serviced by specially trained, professional cleaners who know their work inside out and will yield the best possible results with no risk of damage to delicate surfaces or demanding materials.

Night Cleaning LondonOur cleaners have the necessary skills and expertise to deal with large scale or tough cleaning requests in a professional and highly efficient manner. In order to do a great job within the shortest time possible, we will send you a complete team of fully equipped cleaning technicians who will waste no time and get down to work straight away. The cleaners are specially trained to deal with short notice or overnight cleaning requests and have the ability to work effectively under pressure and within a tight schedule without compromise on quality or results. Usually, overnight cleaning requests are elaborate and quite demanding as most likely the landlord or the letting agency have come up with a last minute list of specific cleaning requirements to be completed by tenants. Not a problem for us, our specially trained, highly experience cleaning technicians can work their way through the landlord cleaning checklist and give you top quality results where it counts.

The night cleaners are just as efficient and professional as the daytime cleaning teams we work with, the guys are very diligent and will be able to work without supervision. If your cleaning requests is particularly demanding or large scale, we will provide you with additional cleaners in order to give you the required results within the specified amount of time. The night cleaning service, as expected, is fully comprehensive and covers the entire house from top to bottom. Should the need be there, our cleaners can focus their effort and attention on customer specified rooms or areas of the property. The night cleaning will cover all bedrooms, the living room, the lounge room, the dining room and all other areas across the house like powder rooms, play rooms, etc. The cleaning teams will clean all interior woodwork like window framing, doorframes, doors, etc.

Night Cleaning LondonAll wood and non-wood surfaces and furniture found in rooms and hallways will be dusted, cleaned and polished. This is followed up by a thorough vacuuming of all rooms and floors. Fabric finish furniture and upholsteries will also be dusted and vacuumed. The cleaners will pay special attention to cobwebs lingering in nooks and crannies as those are a real tell-tale sign of cleaning neglect and won’t be appreciated much by your landlord. Flooring across the house, including staircases will be vacuumed, mopped where applicable and then dried or polished. Hardwood flooring presents specific cleaning requirements, but those will be no problem for our outstanding cleaners. All room fixtures like shelving, light switches, light fixtures etc. will be cleaned in detail.

The cleaners understand how important it is to have the kitchen and the wet rooms perfectly sanitised and fresh for the final property inspection therefore they will pay special attention to cleaning these rooms and areas to a professional standard finish. Kitchen cabinetry and woodwork will be dusted, cleaned and sanitised, inside and out. Extra effort will be invested into proper cleaning of food storage areas and compartments like the pantry which require immaculate hygiene inside and out, at all times. Tiled surfaces like kitchen backsplash or tiled food preparation areas such as bench tops and chopping boards will be washed, sanitised and cleaned just as required. All kitchen surfaces including the bench tops and the table will also be cleaned accordingly.

Night Cleaning LondonThe same applies to fixtures and features such as dish and towel racks, sinks, rinse basins, taps and light switches. Smaller appliances like toasters, sandwich makers, blenders and coffee makers will be degreased, sanitised and cleaned as required. The kitchen floor will be vacuumed, mopped and dried. The bathroom and the toilet will be subjected to the same detailed cleaning – tiled surfaces, including tile floors in the wet rooms will be descaled, disinfected and polished, the same applies to large ceramic features like bath tubs, sinks and the toilet itself of course.

Fixtures and features like soap holders and wall mounted dispensers, towel racks, sinks, faucets, shower heads etc. will be descaled, sanitised and polished. Special attention will be paid to glass surfaces like wall mounted and vanity mirrors, as well as shower cabin doors which are especially problematic to clean perfectly. We have very good short notice availability and will offer you moderate costs, punctuality and professional efficiency. Bookings are made for any day of the week.