Office Cleaning London

Office Cleaning LondonWe work closely with business customers and provide a number of specialised commercial cleaning services. One of which is professional office cleaning. The professional office cleaning service is the ideal option for your business as you get a number of benefits including professional standard results, highly efficient work practices, punctual work attitude on behalf of our cleaning technicians, and cost effective cleaning that will meet and exceed your expectations. Our office cleaning service gives you genuine value for money and extra coverage. If you were wondering as to whether or not you need to use professional office cleaning, consider the following – a research into workplace hygiene has indicated that employees working in a clean, well-maintained office environment are less likely to get sick and take less days off during the year.

This shows that a neat, clean office can actually increase productiveness and cooperation amongst staff and yield better business results. Another reason why business owners and managers should consider professional office cleaning is the fact that many people spend the same amount of time in the office as they do at home, and it makes sense to keep the office clean and fresh in order to provide employees with a pleasant, well-kept working environment. A neat, clean office is more than just a necessity, a well-kept and sanitised office shows respect toward your customers, your staff and yourself as a business owner or office manager. Our professional office cleaning service is also very convenient and flexible, and provides for lots of versatility.

Office Cleaning LondonThe office cleaning service can be requested for any day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays. We understand and appreciate the fact that a business cannot just shut down for the day in order to have the office cleaned as this would mean lots of unhappy customers and many lost profits. Because of this, our cleaning teams will visit your office or commercial establishment in a suitable time, either before or after working hours and carry out the cleaning session without any disruption to daily office activities, more so – a freshly cleaned office will be a nice morning welcome for your staff and customers. Depending on the size and complexity of your office cleaning request, we will send you a sufficient number of qualified, professional cleaning technicians who have the skills and expertise to handle the cleaning task with the right pace and efficiency just as required.

The cleaning teams will arrive at your office or commercial establishment at the right time and not a minute later, they will distribute cleaning chores amongst them and commence the cleaning session in an orderly fashion and without any timewasting. Our cleaners are neat, well-mannered and uniformed, all of them have been vetted for customer peace of mind, and ours too. The cleaning technicians will come fully equipped for the task at hand. We work with professional grade cleaning systems and equipment which ensures higher cleaning efficiency and better results without risk of damage. We also work with industry certified cleaning products and materials for best results.

Office Cleaning LondonThe health and wellbeing of our customers is of utmost importance to us, this is why we never use any toxic chemicals or corrosive cleaning solutions. Our cleaning systems and materials make use of natural ingredients and low reactivity solvents which evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue. The cleaning teams are trained to work with minimum water and resource waste during all jobs. The office cleaning is a comprehensive service that covers most parts of the office. Our cleaning crews will begin with dusting and cleaning of all office furniture like desks, chairs, seating furniture in waiting rooms, furniture in hallways etc. Cobwebs clinging to corners, nooks and crannies will also be dealt with.

Wall or ceiling mounted light fixtures, air conditioning vents and other features will be dusted, cleaned and polished. Office walls and interior woodwork or framework will be dusted and cleaned of any residue or staining. The cleaning teams will collect and dispose of any rubbish and debris littering your office, stationery scarps and leftovers will also be collected from work areas and disposed of, along with all other rubbish found in the office. When dusting and cleaning work desks, which house expensive office equipment and computers, our cleaners will be extra careful and attentive in order to yield best results without risk of damage.

Office Cleaning LondonFiling cabinets, should there be such in the office, will be dusted and cleaned on the outside only as we want to avoid coming into contact with important company documents, in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusion over missing or misplaced files or paperwork. Thank you for understanding. The floor will be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped. In the case of tiled or hard flooring, our cleaners will also polish the floor for professional standard results. Special attention will be paid to employees’ common rooms like the office kitchen and office wet rooms which need to be kept immaculately clean at all times.

The toilet and the bathroom will be decaled, disinfected using professional grade products, and then polished. The same applies to all fixtures like faucets, sinks, towel and toilet paper racks etc. In the kitchen, our cleaners will dust, sanitise and clean all cabinetry and interior woodwork, tiled surfaces will be cleaned and polished. Sinks, taps, towel and dish racks, as well as smaller appliances like toasters, microwaves, coffee makers etc. will also be degreased, sanitised and cleaned. Kitchen flooring will be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped if tile or other hard floor.

The office cleaning service is available as one off cleaning or fixed schedule office cleaning, the duration and frequency of the regular office cleaning will depend on your preferences and availability. We can organise for weekly, fortnightly or monthly office cleaning appointments. The service is reasonably priced and delivers great results every time. We will provide you with highly competitive, fair service quotes, and give you a genuine assurance of attentive, high quality office cleaning that’s worth the money.