One Off Cleaning London

One Off Cleaning LondonOur professional one off cleaning service is the ideal way to keep your home clean and fresh without any excess costs or additional hassles. The one off cleaning service is very efficient and highly versatile. The one off cleaning can cover the entire house from top to bottom or customer specified rooms and areas only. The service is also suitable for many different purposes and can be customised to include additional cleaning requests. Our one off cleaning service is quite versatile and can be made to serve the purpose of spring or deep property cleaning that gives you top quality results across the house. The one off cleaning is also very flexible and fits around customers’ schedule and availability.

When you secure your one off house cleaning through us, we will send you one, two or a complete team of specially trained cleaning technicians who have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right, within the shortest time possible. Our cleaning teams are fully equipped and qualified in the safe and efficient use of the best cleaning systems and products available right now. The cleaners will bring along all the necessary equipment and materials for the job, we work with professional grade materials and equipment and use only industry certified cleaning products. We will be able to work with customers provided materials and equipment, but for best results we would like to use our own.

For customer peace of mind, we don’t work with any corrosive cleaning solutions or toxic chemicals which may pose a health risk to our customers and their loved ones. In order to reduce the environmental toll of our work, we train our cleaners to work with a minimum water and resource waste policy on all house cleaning jobs. As stated, the one off cleaning can cover the entire property or specific rooms and areas only. The service can be ordered as a specialised kitchen or wet room cleaning which means our cleaners will focus their effort on problematic areas like the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom.

One Off Cleaning LondonThe one off cleaning is quite detailed and covers all aspects of kitchen and wet room cleaning including dusting, sanitising and cleaning of all wood and non-wood surfaces. Kitchen cabinetry and interior window framing will be also be dusted and cleaned. Food storage compartments like the pantry will be dusted, sanitised and cleaned, the same applies to food preparation areas like chopping boards, bench tops and the kitchen table. Small kitchen appliances like toasters, microwaves and coffeemakers will be cleaned inside and out, and then polished for a clean look and fresh feel. Should you require specialised oven or fridge cleaning to be included as part of your one off cleaning service, please speak to our customer consultants at the time of placing your booking.

Toilets and bathrooms are specially tough to clean, not a problem for our qualified cleaning teams – they will have your wet rooms clean and fresh in a matter of hours. The cleaners will descale, disinfect and polish all tiled surfaces in the toilet and bathroom. As you can imagine there is quite a bit of tilework to be cleaned which makes professional one off cleaning a good alternative to doing all the work yourself. Glass surfaces like mirrors and shower cabin doors will be descaled, cleaned and polished. The toilet will be disinfected using industrial strength products in order to give customers exceptional hygiene where it counts the most. Additional features inside the toilet and the bathroom like faucets, light fixtures and switches, sinks, towel and toilet paper racks and toiletry shelving will also be cleaned and disinfected just as required.

One Off Cleaning LondonThe one off cleaning can cover all other rooms and areas of the house as well. Bedrooms and other areas of the house like the living room, the dining room, the play room and any other rooms will be subject to detailed cleaning. All surfaces and furniture will be dusted, cleaned and wiped. Our cleaners will use the appropriate products for cleaning each type of material finish or surface in order to yield best possible results without risk of damage or alteration of material appearance or properties. Light fixtures and light switches will be dusted and cleaned, in the case of light switches the cleaners may also degrease these, as this will improve not only hygiene but their colour too. Interior woodwork and interior window framing will be dusted, cleaned of any residue or built up and then polished using the required wood polish products.

Hallways and flooring across the house are usually quite demanding and tedious to clean as they see a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. Our cleaners will dust all surfaces and woodwork in the hallway, then clean off cobwebs from corners and nooks and then thoroughly vacuum the floor using professional grade vacuum cleaners. Finally the floors will be mopped and dried for a perfect finish. The one off cleaning service is customisable and can serve multiple purposes, or to be inclusive of additional cleaning tasks. Ordering a specialised kitchen appliance cleaning for the fridge, the freezer or the oven is a good way to complement your one off cleaning.

One Off Cleaning LondonShould you need to carry out a thorough spring or deep cleaning of the property – our professional one off cleaning will prove to be the sensible, highly effective and affordable service alternative. The one off cleaning is available for booking as a standalone or in combination with another high quality service like specialised carpet or upholstery cleaning. Combining your one off cleaning requirements with other services means you get better coverage and more value for money, plus the benefit of having multiple cleaning tasks taken care of in a single appointment. The service is moderately priced as it needs to be accessible by more households out there, we will provide all customers with competitive and fair, free quotes which won’t be easily beaten. Bookings are available for any day of the week.