Oven Cleaning London

Oven Cleaning LondonAnyone who has attempted to clean their oven using conventional cleaning methods, no matter how effective or simplified those may be, have come to realise how tough, time consuming and tedious oven cleaning really is. A very sensible, highly effective and affordable alternative to doing all the work yourself is to use our professional oven cleaning service and make oven cleaning woes a thing of the past. Most people will pay the necessary cleaning attention to their kitchen and the rest of their kitchen appliances. The oven though, is usually left out of the kitchen cleaning checklist because most of the time the appliance doesn’t look too dirty or worn on the outside which gives people a false sense of security really, but how so?

First of all the oven does a lot of cooking, roasting and baking, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less frequently. Regardless of how often you use the oven, in time with everyday use the oven will begin to accumulate a great deal of grease, oil staining and burnt on residue. At the start this might not be a big issue but in time failing to clean the oven properly of all the mess will result in a number of problems, some of which quite serious. One of the first problems people will notice is a change in the taste and flavour of food and dishes cooked in the oven. This is due to the oil staining, the burnt on residue and the greasing caused by the actual baking process. If the problem is left unattended for too long, the taste and flavour of dishes cooked in the oven will eventually deteriorate, which is definitely not the best way to show off your culinary skills to friends and house guests.

Oven Cleaning LondonNeedless to say, a dirty, grease stained oven is unhealthy to cook and eat from. Another big problem with ovens which haven’t been cleaned in a long time is cooking inefficiency and prolonged cooking time, why is this so? Quite simple really – the amount of grease, residue and oil staining accumulated on the inside of the oven will cause it to work inefficiently, which means the oven will consume more power to do its job properly and will take longer to bake or roast the desired dish. Prolonged cooking time and inefficient working patterns can only add up to one thing – an unnecessary increase of your monthly power bill. What makes matters worse is that the more you use the dirty oven the more it will cost you to run it. Perhaps the most serious problem a dirty oven can cause is not to do with unhealthy eating or excess power bills, but household fire hazards.

A dirty oven, which has accumulated a great deal of grease, burnt on residue and oil staining, and is continuously used without cleaning will eventually become a household fire hazard. There is nothing easier than setting hot oil on fire, imagine how hot your oven gets during cooking and imagine how easy it is for the grease and residue inside the oven to catch fire and cost you much more than the cost of professional oven cleaning. We strongly urge our customers not to take any chances and organise the oven cleaning as soon as possible as the risk is not worth it. Our specialised oven cleaning service is affordable, highly effective and is guaranteed to yield the best possible results without risk of damage to oven surfaces, protective coatings or insulation.

Oven Cleaning LondonThe oven cleaning is carried out by specially trained, qualified cleaning technicians who have the required skills and experience to deal with rogue ovens and bring them back to the straight and narrow. Our professional oven cleaning service is the better and more efficient alternative to those fabulous over the counter oven cleaning solutions which only cost you money but hardly deliver the expected, if any results. Needless to say, many of these oven cleaning solutions are quite abrasive, aggressive and highly toxic – definitely not a good cleaning recipe for a food preparation appliance. We on the other hand will use only non-toxic, non-corrosive or abrasive cleaning products which will dissolve and evaporate without a trace or residue shortly after the oven cleaning has been completed.

Wherever possible we will use natural formula cleaning products for customer peace of mind. Regardless of the cleaning method applied, we recommend running your oven at a high temperature setting for about thirty minutes in order to burn off any trace or residue of cleaning products. There are different types of ovens out there, some of them electric, others gas powered. Some ovens have multiple baking levels or racks inside them, which makes cleaning extra tough, not for our cleaners though – we guarantee you top quality results on all types and size ovens.

Oven Cleaning LondonThe service begins with the application of professional grade, industry certified degreasers, otherwise known as cleaning solvents. The solvents are meant to soften and break up any stubborn grease, staining and residue from inside the oven. In certain cases, where the oven has been neglected for a while and the residue inside is too much to remove chemically, our cleaners will attempt to remove the staining and residue manually using special oven cleaning scours. These scours will be applied and spread by qualified professional cleaners, which means no risk of damage or breaking of protective coatings inside the oven.

Scours are the better alternative to scraping as a scraper can run havoc inside the oven and cause breakage of heating elements or coatings. The cleaners will also apply a specially formulated disinfectant in order to achieve exceptional oven hygiene and results you can actually see and feel. The oven cleaning service is available as standalone or in combination with another one of our professional service like fridge cleaning or specialised kitchen cleaning. The oven cleaning is reasonably priced and gives you very good value for money. Oven cleaning appointments are booked for any day of the week, including public holidays.