Patio Cleaning London

Patio Cleaning LondonSpecialised patio cleaning is one of our technical cleaning services carried out using professional grade pressure washing equipment known as jet wash. Patio cleaning maintenance doesn’t usually get included in the list of household cleaning chores and most of the time the patio goes dirty and unattended for long periods of time. The patio is a befitting property feature and as such it should be cleaned and cared for accordingly. A well-kept, clean patio will also increase the appeal and market value of your property – good news if you are looking a swift real estate sale. Keeping the patio neat and tidy is not enough to save it from the elements though.

Usually the patio and the furniture on it, is exposed to adverse weather conditions all year round. Blistering hot sunrays, gale winds and continuous rain, as well as ice and snow in winter can leave the patio looking worse for wear and in need of some serious cleaning attention. Moulding and discolouration are usually the main issues with patios which have been left unattended for long periods of time. Moisture in the air and rain, will eventually cause the patio to develop mould and other fungal growths. These aren’t dangerous to humans and pets dwelling at the property, but they sure deprive your patio of its good looks.

Patio Cleaning LondonThe patio also loses or changes colour when affected by acid rain, unfortunately most large cities do experience acid rains which will eventually alter the patio colour or hue. If you use your patio to entertain frequently, then chances are there will also be certain stains from food and beverage, even more so if you keep the outdoor barbecue on the patio. Wine, oil and ink are just as hard to remove from brick or stone as they are from your interior upholsteries, so it is better to use our professional patio cleaning as the better, more effective alternative and get the job done right. One can also attempt to clean the patio using conventional cleaning methods which means toiling on all fours, for hours on end, trying to scrub away months if not years of surface decay. If that is what you had in mind, stop right there and save yourself the hours of hard work, and all the time and resources you were about to waste as the results, no matter how tenacious you were, will not be satisfactory.

As already stated, our professional patio cleaning service is carried out through the use and application of professional grade, pressure washing equipment, commonly known as jet wash. The jet wash machine applies a pressurised, highly concentrated water stream directly onto the patio surface, the jet wash can apply either cold or hot water depending on the complexity of the task and the nature of the staining. The patio cleaning process doesn’t involve any chemicals or solvents, the cleaning is actually a mechanical removal of stains and residue thorough high powered water streams. Should the need be there, our cleaners can apply a gentle, non-corrosive cleaning solvent to precondition certain types of stains.

Patio Cleaning LondonThe pressure washer is suitable for application on all types of patios and backyard decks. The machine will yield outstanding results on brick, stone, tile or any other type of patio surface. This cleaning method is also suitable for wooden backyard decks, as long as these are in good condition and free of any cracks, splintering or any other structural issues. The jet wash will not cause any damage to the surface of the patio or the texture and properties of the material below. It is not recommended to use or apply the professional patio cleaning service for patios which have structural integrity issues, in other words if they are coming apart, as the high pressure water stream will likely dislodge loose bits and debris from and around the patio. When hit by jet wash such pieces can become dangerous projectiles which can cause personal injury to our cleaners and damage to the property.

If the patio is suffering from structural problems you should contact qualified builders and have them redo the patio before you can use pressure washing services. The patio cleaning service is performed by specially trained, professional cleaning technicians who have the skill and expertise to do it right. The cleaners have undergone additional training in the safe and efficient use of pressure washing equipment as this means better results, higher service efficiency and no risk of property damage or personal injury. Patios are made of different materials including brick, stone, tile, concrete and certain composite flooring materials, each of them requires a specific cleaning method in order to yield outstanding results and cancel out the risk of damage, and this is exactly what our cleaning specialists will do.

Patio Cleaning LondonThey will determine the type of patio surface or material, and then assess the level of staining, discolouration or residue sustained. This will help the cleaners choose the right pressure and temperature setting on the jet wash equipment, as well as the jet nozzle which also plays a key role in proper pressure cleaning. Professional pressure washing will restore the original colour, hue and possibly some of the original texture of the patio surface. Keep in mind though that fading or alterations caused by sunlight are irreversible and pressure washing will not have an effect on such blemishes.

The patio cleaning service is available as standalone or in combination with another pressure cleaning service we offer such as professional driveway cleaning which is also carried out using jet wash equipment. The patio cleaning can also be combined with another domestic service like garden cleaning or interior property cleaning for extra coverage and more value for money. We recommend patio cleaning to be scheduled for fair weather days as this makes life easier for our cleaners and yields better results for customers. The patio cleaning service is quite affordable and can be booked for any day of the week. Free, no obligation quotes will be provided.