Post Tenancy Cleaning London

Post Tenancy Cleaning LondonOrganising a professional post tenancy cleaning for the rental property is important for both the tenants and the landlord. In most cases, organising a professional post tenancy or move out cleaning is a compulsory requirement outlined by the rental contract or lease agreement signed by the two parties, these being the tenants and the landlord or the letting agency acting on their behalf. The professional post tenancy cleaning is not solely an obligation for the tenants as they can choose not to organise one such clean up, but this would mean the landlord has withhold a certain amount or the entire rental deposit amount paid by the tenants at the time of signing the rental or lease agreement.

The professional post tenancy cleaning is also important for the landlord, as many rental agencies will also conduct their own property viewings in order to determine if the property is worth listing as available. If the place doesn’t look the part, the agents won’t be too impressed which means the landlord has to go back and organise a professional grade end of tenancy cleaning and get the property up to scratch. Knowing one’s obligations and rights when it comes to move out cleaning should make choosing the right service easier. We can offer our customers top quality, highly efficient, professional post tenancy cleaning that leaves nothing to chance.

Post Tenancy Cleaning LondonThe post tenancy cleaning service is carried out by specially trained, professional cleaners who have the required skills and expertise to get the job done right. We have many years of industry experience and have worked closely with rental customers and letting agencies, and know what is expected of a professional post tenancy cleaning. Sometimes, either landlords or rental agents have specific or certain additional cleaning requirements to be met, usually these are compiled in what is commonly known as an end of tenancy cleaning checklist. Our cleaners will be more than capable to work their way through one such post tenancy cleaning checklist and deliver the required results.

The post tenancy cleaning service is fully comprehensive and covers the entire property from top to bottom. Usually the final property inspection is quite thorough and covers the entire place, which is why we have devised such a highly detailed cleaning service. The toilet, the bathroom and the kitchen see a lot of heavy duty use during the rental term, this is why they will be under lots of scrutiny during the final property inspection. Not to worry though, our highly qualified cleaning technicians will focus their effort and attention on the kitchen and the wet rooms and meet and exceed your landlord’s expectations. The post tenancy cleaning service begins top down, with rooms located upstairs as cleaning upstairs areas first means less chance of contamination and mess since there will be no need for anyone to go upstairs until the final property inspection.

Post Tenancy Cleaning LondonAll wood and non-wood surfaces found in bedrooms and rooms upstairs will be dusted and cleaned of any residue or staining. The cleaners are specially trained to determine the type of material of finish and in turn choose and apply the most effective yet sparing cleaning product. Interior woodwork like doors, door frames, trim and lining will also be dusted cleaned and polished, the same applies to interior window framing and seals. All glass surfaces like mirrors and the inside of windows will be cleaned and polished to a perfect finish. The post tenancy cleaning service continues with thorough vacuuming of all carpets and flooring, including staircases and additional areas like powder rooms, closets etc.

Cobwebs clinging to corners, nooks and crannies will be removed. In the case of hard flooring like tile or laminate, the cleaners will also mop and polish the floor accordingly. The kitchen is next on the cleaning checklist and no effort will be spared in bringing the kitchen up to scratch with the rest of the property. All cabinetry, cupboards and interior wood work in the kitchen will be dusted, sanitised and cleaned, cobwebs from inside cabinets and drawers will be cleaned too. Tiled surfaces like the kitchen backsplash will be descaled, sanitised and polished. Food preparation areas and all kitchen surfaces like chopping boards, bench tops and the kitchen table will be disinfected and cleaned.

Post Tenancy Cleaning LondonSpecial attention will be paid to the pantry as it is a major food storage compartment which needs to be kept clean and sanitised at all times. Kitchen light fixtures, light switches, towel and dish racks, taps, sinks and rinse basins will all be disinfected, descaled where applicable and polished for a professional standard finish. Smaller kitchen appliances like toasters and coffeemakers will also be cleaned inside and out. If you need to organise a specialised fridge or oven cleaning service, please speak to our customer consultants in advance of the post tenancy cleaning appointment. Kitchen flooring will be vacuumed, mopped if applicable and cleaned.

We can clean all flooring surfaces including tile, hardwood, linoleum, laminate and many more. The toilet and the bathroom are particularly tough to clean but our professional cleaners will make a breeze of this tedious task. The cleaning begins with descaling, degreasing and polishing of all tiled surfaces and ceramic features like sinks, bath tubs and the toilet itself. Next the cleaners will descale and polish all glass surfaces like bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, the inside of windows if there are such, and of course large glass surfaces like shower cab doors and walls.

Fixtures like lights, light switches, towel racks, toilet paper racks, soap holders and wall mounted liquid soap dispensers will be descaled, sanitised and polished. In order to yield the best possible results within the shortest time possible we work with professional grade, industry certified products and materials. Although high strength, our cleaning products are non-toxic or corrosive as we need to look out for the health and wellbeing of our customers. The post tenancy cleaning is moderately priced, we have good short notice availability and can give you flexible booking hours.