Pressure Washing London

Pressure Washing LondonThe average residential property has many different exterior features which are exposed to adverse weather conditions throughout the whole year. Hard surfaces like brickwork, window shutters, roof tiles, shingles, downpipes, weatherboards and many more suffer from the effects of weather exposure and will eventually develop certain issues. Other surfaces and materials around the property, especially in the garden also suffer from the effects of weather exposure. Take for example additional property features like the patio. The patio is usually made of concrete, brick, stone, tile or another hard material which provides for sturdiness and durability.

The elements will eventually cause deterioration of even the most durable patio surfaces. The situation is the same with other features of the property like stone paved paths, driveways and concrete walkways which can get quite affected by extreme weather exposure and every day, heavy duty use. Some of the more common problems visible with such hard surfaces are fading and discolouration or change of colour and hue. This is especially pronounced with coloured concrete and decorative exterior brickwork which will begin to deteriorate after a few seasons. Another very common problem with exterior hard surfaces is algae and fungal growth. These are caused by rain and moisture which gets trapped in the porous top layer of such hard surfaces.

Algae and fungal growth will not cause any major or structural damage to hard surfaces, but their good looks and appeal will be blemished. Other exterior surfaces like tiled verandas and balconies also get affected by prolonged weather exposure, in this case though, the balcony and the veranda also see a lot of foot traffic, much like the patio, which can cause certain problems too – like scuff marks on some types of tiles. The driveway is a worthy part of the property but it too gets affected by weather and heavy duty use. In this case though, damage sustained by the driveway is also caused by chemicals such as oil, fuel and coolant spilled or dripping from the vehicle’s undercarriage. Chemical stains are quite problematic to remove, especially when combined with damage caused by the elements.

Pressure Washing LondonObviously, caring for your home’s exterior hard surfaces is essential if you want to keep them looking better for longer. A shabby looking driveway or patio will not do you any favours as it lowers your property’s appeal and market value, should you be looking to sell anytime soon. The best way to care for such features properly is our professional pressure washing. Our pressure washing service is highly effective and very affordable. It can be applied to almost any type of hard surface including brick, tile, stone, concrete, and certain composite materials. The pressure washing is carried out by specially trained, professional cleaning technicians who know how to get the job done right.

Our cleaning teams are trained in the safe and efficient use of pressure washing equipment also known as jet wash. In order to be highly effective on all jobs and give our customers better cleaning results, we work with professional grade equipment which has the necessary capacity and power to remove stains, dirt, grime, residue, built up and any other blemishes from hard surfaces around your property. How does the process actually work? Quite simple really, as stated the cleaning technicians will use a machine known as pressure washer or jet wash. The jet wash is basically a compressor which has enough power to compress or pressurise water and then eject it through high powered nozzle.

Pressure Washing LondonThe pressurised water stream or water jet is so powerful that it physically removes stains, dirt, residue and fungal growth from all hard surfaces. The machines we use in particular, have also a higher temperature setting which allows for quicker results and more efficient cleaning through the application of hot water. Some hard surfaces may not require full power water blasting, in such situations our cleaning technicians will use a lower pressure setting in order to yield the same results without risk of damage. Pressure washing is a chemical free process, as it uses the natural cleaning power of pressurised water. In some cases, where staining or residue is too stubborn to remove without preconditioning, the cleaners will apply a mild cleaning solvent to kick start the removal process and then apply the jet wash and obliterate any sign of moss, residue, growth or staining.

In principle, the cleaning process resembles sand blasting, though it is much less aggressive. The pressure washing is suitable for most types of hard surfaces as it doesn’t cause any damage, the only instances where jet washing is not recommended is when the surface below is structurally damaged. In such cases, the pressure might dislodge bits and pieces of the material which can cause property damage or personal injury to our cleaners. Pressure washing should effectively restore the original colour and hue of decorative brick or coloured concrete, minus fading caused by sunlight damage as this is irreversible, even by professional jet washing.

Pressure Washing LondonThe pressure washing will effectively remove moss and algae from all types of roof tiles, including bitumen shingles. One major issue with driveways and concrete pathways is chewing gum which is notorious to remove and stains the surface below. Indeed, this is an issue which can be dealt with by the application of jet washing equipment. Our pressure washing service is quite affordable and highly versatile, it can be applied to a range of surfaces without risk of damage. The cleaning teams will visit your property in a suitable time and begin working without any delays or timewasting.

Please be advised that pressure washing requires a certain amount of time to yield the best possible results. The pressure washing service is available as standalone or in combination with another of our top quality cleaning services. Pressure washing is available for booking seven days a week with convenient appointment hours. Customers will be provided with free, non-obligation quotes upon request. Appointments may have to be rescheduled in the case of adverse weather.