Regular Domestic Cleaning

Regular Domestic CleaningRegular domestic cleaning is one of our most popular services as it delivers consistent, high quality results and genuine value for money. The regular cleaning service is aimed at customers who don’t do their own house cleaning due to one reason or another. Many people who travel frequently or their job keeps them away from home for long periods of time will find great benefit in our professional fixed schedule house cleaning. The regular cleaning is very flexible and highly versatile. It can be ordered as a complete property cleaning treatment or just for customer specified rooms and areas of the property. We have also tried to make the fixed schedule cleaning as convenient as possible, the service will fit around your personal schedule and availability.

If the only time you can receive the cleaners is on the weekend, or in the evening – not a problem, we can provide you with flexible or extended service hours and will do our best to work around important family and work commitments. The regular domestic cleaning can be carried out on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly basis. The frequency of the regular cleaning appointments depends on your personal preferences and availability. In many instances, unexpected things come up and customers cannot receive the cleaners at the booked time, again this is not a problem – all we need is one or two day prior notice and we will be able reschedule your appointment or skip the cleaning session until next week or next month.

Regular Domestic CleaningThe regular cleaning service can also be suspended for a set period of time, in case you will be away from home for a certain amount of time, but please be sure to let us know in advance. The duration of the fixed schedule cleaning appointments depends on the state and condition of the property, its size and any other specific cleaning requirements set forth by our customers. Depending on the size and complexity of your request we will provide you with the required number of cleaners in order to get the job done within the agreed amount of hours. For best results we will suggest the required number of man-hours as per the nature and complexity of your cleaning request. One of the biggest advantages of using our regular house cleaning service is efficiency. In order to be highly efficient and achieve consistently good results we will send you the same cleaner or team of cleaners every time.

The point of this is for the cleaners to become familiar with the layout and cleaning specifics of your property. Using the same cleaners every time will also reduce the cleaning duration and save you more money from an already competitively priced service. Should your cleaner or team of cleaners be unavailable for some reason, we will duly notify you and suggest a substitute cleaner to visit your property and complete the scheduled appointment. It is up to customers to accept or decline our substitute cleaner offer. If by any chance you are not happy with your cleaner, or the results achieved by your cleaner, please let us know and we will be more than happy to change the person assigned to your property in order to meet your service expectations.

Regular Domestic CleaningA few words about our cleaning technicians – we work with specially trained, professional cleaners who have the necessary skills and expertise to handle even the most elaborate cleaning requests in a safe, efficient and attentive manner. The cleaners have undergone additional company training to hone their skills and make them even better professionals. This also increases cleaning effectiveness and cancels out the margin for error. All of our cleaners have been vetted and have passed all the necessary security and police background checks in order to establish their credibility and professionalism. If required the cleaners will present a valid company ID upon arrival to your property. As mentioned the regular house cleaning is a versatile service which can also be customised to suit specific purposes and cleaning requirements.

Should the need be there, the cleaners will pay special attention to heavy duty rooms and areas of the house such as the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom. If you had a house gathering or threw a party, your next scheduled cleaning will cover the lounge room, the dining room etc. In case you had people staying over for a few days, our cleaners will focus their attention on bedrooms and guestrooms. If you will be away from the house for a period of time, and have someone to supervise the cleaners, you can schedule your next cleaning appointment for the time when you are away and return to a clean, fresh home.

Regular Domestic CleaningOur cleaners are trained to work with professional grade, industry certified cleaning products and materials, which means customers can expect outstanding cleaning results right where they need them most. If necessary our cleaning teams can also carry out the job using customer provided materials and equipment which can be handy sometimes, but for best results we would like to use our own. The cleaners will not use any toxic chemicals or corrosive cleaning substances as this would be unacceptable in professional domestic cleaning. Our cleaners are trained to work with minimum resource and water waste during all cleaning appointments.

The fixed schedule cleaning can also include certain housekeeping chores as well as cleaning, should you require such chores to be included as part of your fixed schedule cleaning service, please speak to our customer consultants in advance of your next upcoming cleaning. The regular cleaning service can also be customised to include one off additional services like professional carpet or upholstery cleaning, though these would have to be carried out by another team of specially trained cleaning technicians as such types of cleaning require the use and application of special equipment and materials. You can either speak to the cleaner we have assigned you with, or you can contact us directly and organise for the additional cleaning.