Restaurant Cleaning London

Restaurant Cleaning London

This cleaning approach will yield some results, but no matter how thorough your closedown procedures are, chances are you and your staff will miss something at the end of a long working day, which is perfectly normal. If you don’t want to risk your business reputation and want your staff and clientele to work and dine in a clean, healthy and fresh environment, don’t try and make the impossible but simply turn to us for the most efficient and affordable, professional restaurant cleaning around. Using our professional restaurant cleaning is like having a team of professional cleaners working for you, only cheaper. Professional restaurant cleaning is a high responsibility job and we are very serious about it.

Our cleaning technicians are specially trained professionals who have the necessary skills and expertise to handle even the most elaborate or tough cleaning requests with ease and professional efficiency. The cleaning technicians we assign to restaurant cleaning have undergone additional company training as this type of service has its own specifics and unique cleaning challenges. The cleaners work well under pressure and will be able to deliver outstanding results within a short timeframe. They are skilled in the safe and efficient use and application of the latest and most effective cleaning systems and materials as our commercial customers require exceptional results and no margin for error. The restaurant cleaning service is versatile and very convenient.

Restaurant Cleaning LondonWe understand that a restaurant or café cannot just shut down for the day in order to be cleaned, as this would translate to huge amounts of lost profit, because of this our cleaning teams can visit your establishment in a suitable time, either before or after working hours, or on weekends and get the job done without any disruption to your daily schedule or work patterns. A clean, fresh restaurant and kitchen will be a nice welcome for your staff and clientele. The cleaners will arrive at your property at the requested time and not a minute later – punctuality is just as important to us as it is for our customers. They will waste no time and distribute cleaning chores amongst them and commence work in an orderly fashion, without any mucking about.

The cleaners will arrive fully equipped and ready to go. We work with professional grade cleaning materials and industry certified cleaning products, we can work with customer provided cleaning supplies but for best results we would like to use our own. The restaurant cleaning service covers the entire premises from top to bottom, including customer areas, the restaurant kitchen itself and any other staff or management areas like offices, common rooms, rest rooms etc. The cleaners will begin with thorough dusting, sanitising and cleaning of all customer seating areas or food serving areas. The cleaning will include chairs and tables, benches etc. Interior woodwork like door frames, doors and interior window framework, as well as windows will be dusted, cleaned of any residue and sanitised.

Restaurant Cleaning LondonGlass surfaces like mirrors, interior panes, restaurant windows, revolving glass doors and any others such are especially problematic to clean but our expert cleaners will have them cleaned, sanitised and polished to a perfect finish. Light fixtures and additional interior features will also be included in the cleaning service. Bench tops, ben Maries and other food serving equipment in customer areas will be degreased, disinfected and cleaned to a professional finish using industrial strength products as these have to be perfectly clean each day. Special attention will be paid to floors in customer areas as the floor gets a bit messy toward the end of the day, and items and specials from the menu usually litter the floor by that time.

Our cleaners will thoroughly vacuum the floor, disinfect and mop hard flooring such as tile or laminate and finally dry and polish the floor. Kitchen facilities will be subject to detailed cleaning using professional grade products. All surfaces will be dusted, cleaned and sanitised and then polished, just as required. Special cleaning attention will be paid to food storage and food preparation areas including bench tops, tables and chopping boards. Those will be disinfected in detail in order to ensure perfect hygiene. Kitchen appliances like deep fryers, fridges and freezers, cooktops and ovens, microwaves etc. will be cleaned inside and out. Our cleaners will not go past the dishwasher, industrial size dishwashers can be quite problematic to clean, but our guys will get the job done right and within the shortest time possible.

Restaurant Cleaning LondonKitchen flooring is always a problem to keep clean, especially when orders are flying in and keeping everyone busy. Our cleaners will clean and mop the floors, then apply a special disinfectant in order to kill off any bacteria. The toilets and bathrooms in both customers and staff areas will be thoroughly cleaned and all tiled surfaces descaled and polished. We will disinfect any ceramic features like the sink and the toilet itself. Mirrors and surfaces inside wet rooms will be dusted, cleaned and polished. If there are additional rooms or areas to be cleaned such as manager offices or storage rooms, those can also be included as part of the service. The restaurant cleaning is available as one off or as regular cleaning service on a customer specified basis. Free quotes and flexible hours will be provided.